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Boot out the BAD! Let in the RAD! The hottest clubs in Funky Town need someone to manage their queues. Are you jerk enough to accept the challenge?

Swipe gameplay allows you to flick out rejects, switch patrons and line up those all important combo boot-outs!

Learn who to let in. Will it be the rich, pretty and fashionable? If so, you’d better hope you’re not working Vampire Night at the Hellfire Club!

Bouncer Boot Out features:
- Swipe gameplay
- Two modes of play: Timed & Survival
- Five unlockable clubs with varying difficulty
- 30 unique characters: learn who’s bad and who’s rad!
- A weekly updated Bouncer Boot Out comic strip
- Some really awesome music!

Bouncer Boot Out: it’s the game for the pretentious hipster in all of us.

PLEASE NOTE: This game is currently optimized for 3G devices and above, and may perform poorly on 2nd Generation devices.

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