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Join 10 million players worldwide in this EPIC MMORPG for FREE!??? Featured by Apple as: What we are playing, Featured Online Game ??? Version 3.2 updates: Brand new Mounts, Pets, Gears, and Fashions!News: Bosnia server is now available!--------------------------------Empire Online is the best MMORPG on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for over 10 million players now! CREATE YOUR OWN EPIC STORYThere are over 6 million avatars available for you to choose. And you can guide your characters destiny in this classic turn-based RPG, while interacting with other players to trade, fight and even build an Empire. MEET LEGENDARY MONSTERSFight with friends against the legendary monsters and titans to complete 1000 quests. DISCOVERIES EVERYWHEREDiscover this magic and blade world with over 300 different maps and more than 5000 items. You will also have powerful mounts, smart and cute pets, mighty equipment, and etc funny elements in game. Empire Online is a developing world! Online events will be held from time to time. BECOME AN EMPEROR AND WAGE WARSONLY in Empire Online, you can forge your empire through our unique empire-system. Empire war, battle field, empire instances, recruiting other players and enlist other players to be your generals! Defend your borders with your friends and conqueror others to expand your empire!--------------------------------Empire Online is also available on iPad:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/empire-online-classic-mmo-hd/id457821568?mt=8About Lakoo: http://lakoo.comOur fans Page: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lakoogames Twitter: http://twitter.com/lakoogames

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