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Over 1 million downloads!How far can a geek fly? Find by joining a million others!FEATURES ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE FULL VERSION:7 Characters, Each with Unique Features!17 Weapons Including the Dino Smasher!25 Items to Assist Beating the Geek into Oblivion! Upload Your Own Comments to Get Them Published in the Game!"Say hello to Berzerk Ball and goodbye to anything else you planned ondoing this week" -MAXIM.com"...we couldn’t put Berzerk Ball down. It’s one of those games thatyou keep playing to nab a higher score, and before you know it you’velost several hours of your day." -SlideToPlay.com"...it managed to grab me in a way that many of its brethren ? flashgame or not ? and does so with a keen understanding of how to rewardplayers for their time" -TouchArcade.com"There’s no other better way to spend your $0.99 on if you’re lookingfor a quick time-waster that will probably suck you up for hours."-iPhoneAlley.com"This is an ingenious app that builds mightily on the concept of aflash game " -Appolicious.comThis is a quick update with new quotes from YOU ! We'd like to thank everybody who support us and gave us awesome comments. Thank you guys, you ROCK ! We had a big amount of comments but we had to choose, so thanks to these people, the game has new geek quotes.- alexmt30000000- Mike Eggleston- Shhatlstguxatjc- TheVede- Jack8362- SFDark- ashdrake- H3R3

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