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Christmas special: FREE for the holiday season!!!

Smokie the crazy bunny has arrived to chain you to your iphone forever!

Forget all the dodge games you have ever played with! Bunny dodge is an addictive dodge game with genuine new features.

In this game your bunny owns a garden where he can grow lovely fruits that help him during missions. Apple gives him extra life, cabbage makes him invulnerable, carrot speeds him up.. but there are several others too! Bring a carnivore flower from your own garden to mission and it will work as a super item magnet!

Tired of gardening? Send your bunny on a mission to France , to the North Pole or to North Dakota! Breathtaking, tricky and challenging mazes, insane falling objects and collectable coins and golds make this dodge really addictive.

Collect the golds and spend them on fruits or visit your bunny`s wardrobe where you can dress him up in silly clothes and costumes.
You want a ninja bunny? Or a santa bunny would be better? Maybe you`d prefer a dracula, or even a bear bunny? We would also recommend his everyday outfit as well. Chose from the hats, scarfs, sunglasses and lovely underwear to make your bunny wild or adorable!

If all that is not enough check out the updates that are coming! New clothes, new plants and fruits, new places to visit around the world and new more and more challenging mazes.

You have your own ideas and wishes? Visit Smokie`s facebook page and add your ideas to the wish-list.Who knows? In the very-very near future they may come true!

And don`t forget! The Bunny may be with you!!!

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