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Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/01/2013

Version 1.2 8/1/2013

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Cause of Death
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a.  Prologue
  003b.  Chapter One: Washed Up
  003c.  Chapter Two: The Masks We Wear
  003d.  Chapter Three: Bad Medicine
  003e.  Chapter Four: Buried Secrets
  003f.  Chapter Five: Unmasked
  003g.  Chapter Six: The Devil's Island
004.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Cause of 
Death". The longer name of this game is "Cause of Death: 
Can You Catch the Killer?". This guide covers Volume One: 
The Maskmaker. Why doesn't this guide cover the other 
parts of the game? Simple. I don't have $125 to spare, in 
order to buy paid DLC.

To contact me about this guide, use my email address, 

002.  Characters

Main Characters

The Maskmaker: A serial killer who captures young women, 
kills them, and places masks on their faces.

Mal Fallon: A detective who works for the San Francisco 
Police Department. He works with Natara Williams to find 
the Maskmaker.

Natara Williams: A special agent with the FBI. She has 
been sent to help with the Maskmaker Case, and her 
specialty is psychological profiling.

Captain Maria Yeong: The local police captain, who 
sometimes has to work to keep Mal in line. 

Eric Mills: A forensic technician with the police 

Amy Chen: Another person who works in forensics. She is a 
technical analyst and data specialist.

Other Characters

Chanelle Pomeroy: The Maskmaker's first victim.

Kirsty Barnett: The Maskmaker's second victim.

Sophie Patterson: The Maskmaker's third victim.

Detective Blackwell: The detective who used to be working 
on the Maskmaker case.

Ken Greene: A detective who is friends with Mal.

William Rye: A police officer.

Milo: A club owner. The victim in Chapter One visited the 
club before she died.

Jared: The suspect in Chapter One, who gets arrested.

Catherine Krutzik: Jared's attorney, who is present at 
his questioning.

Sandra: Mal's wife. She is no longer living with him.

Chief Blaire: Natara's employer. He calls her for updates 
on the case.

Agent Mallory: Natara's former partner, who is severely 

Lance Boggs: A local mask salesman, who may be involved 
in illegal business.

Marvin Clemente: An ex-cop, who is making illegal deals.

Brittany Emerson: The Maskmaker's fourth victim.

Mona Patel: One of Brittany's fellow students.

Greg Chapman: One of Brittany's fellow students.

Timothy Emerson: Brittany's father. 

Anna Emerson: Brittany's younger sister.

Margaret: Brittany's mother.

Dr. Christian Rose: A surgeon who lost his license by 
doing illegal procedures.

Miguel Flores: The leader of a drug cartel.

Sean: A restaurant owner who knows Mal.

Brian Resler: The Maskmaker's original name. He goes by a 
different name today.

Michael Resler: The Maskmaker's father. The Maskmaker 
used this name, to purchase the house where he operated 
on his victims.

Suzanne Resler: The Maskmaker's mother. She had him 
institutionalized, on the advice of a child psychologist.

Rebecca Resler: The Maskmaker's sister, who was cruel to 
him when they grew up together.

Anna Willis: A police officer.

Phil Morris: A police officer.

Wally Lubbock: A park ranger at Alcatraz.

Ben Tate: A park ranger at Alcatraz.

003.  Walkthrough

To start the game, tap on "play/resume". To download more 
games (at a price), tap on "episodes on demand". The 
first case of the game is free.

003a.  Prologue

The game begins with a woman named Sophie, who wakes up 
in a strange room. She is tied up, and she does not 
remember how she got here. Nearby, a masked man is 
working with tools.

Sophie has two options at this point. Pick the one you 
want ("sneak out" or "scream"), and she performs that 
action. You have a limited amount of time to make your 
choice. Afterwards, you get another choice.

No matter which options you pick, the masked man will 
kill Sophie. The prologue then ends.

003b.  Chapter One: Washed Up

The game switches to Detective Mal Fallon, who works in 
San Francisco. He is playing Texas Hold 'Em with his 
friend, Diego. Diego bets $30.

Mal only has a pair of fours. You can choose to bluff or 
fold. If you fold, Mal loses the round. If you bluff, Mal 
will win the round. That's not all, though. Mal also gets 
Detective Points!

Every chapter in this game has 100 Detective Points for 
you to receive. If you get 500 Detective Points or more, 
over the course of the game, you get to see a special 
ending. I'll list all the Detective Points at the end of 
each chapter.

If you're playing with sound on, a nice noise plays every 
time you pick an option which results in Detective 
Points. If you pick an option which results in you not 
getting Detective Points, a failure sound plays.

Ken Greene, a detective who works with Mal, appears. He 
says that the Captain has an assignment for him. Mal 
comments that he's supposed to be suspended from duty for 
the week. You can either tell Diego that you were 
suspended for punching the mayor's son, or you can refuse 
to tell Diego what happened.

It turns out that Captain Yeong was Mal to head up the 
Maskmaker Task Force, now that the Maskmaker has stopped 
killing prostitutes and started killing college students. 
She warns you to do this case by the book.

You can promise to do your best, or you can give her your 
word that you'll play by the book. Give her your word for 
Detective Points. She will give details about the 
Maskmaker, then ask if you have questions.

You get Detective Points for asking more about the 
murders. The Captain details where and how the first two 
victims died. There were no signs of a struggle, and the 
masks found on the corpses were made after the women 

Mal and the Captain arrive at the crime scene. A woman 
jumps forward and takes a picture. Since you agreed to 
play by the book, politely ask her to back away from the 
crime scene. This results in Detective Points.

The woman is Special Agent Natara Williams, from the FBI. 
She is going to be working on the case with Mal. The body 
shows no signs of a struggle whatsoever. Natara comments 
that this is different from the other murders.

How? The correct answer is "the cause of death is 
different". The other victims were strangled, but this 
woman's neck has no bruises. As our heroes wonder how she 
died, Eric Mills approaches. He's a forensic technician, 
and he talks about the body.

Mal comes to the conclusion that the victim was 
suffocated, by the mask. The mask has no air holes 
whatsoever, and she died when the Maskmaker glued it to 
her face. This is different from the other cases, where 
the mask was made after the death of the victim.

You can decide if the Maskmaker is evolving or 
degenerating. The correct answer is "evolving".

Officer William Rye discovers a stamp on the victim's 
wrist. It's from a bar known as the Zen Club. She must 
have visited this bar, shortly before her death. Our two 
characters travel to the bar.

Mal and Natara talk on the car drive there. Mal expresses 
disdain for psychological profiling. You can choose to 
have Natara profile Mal, and you can choose to have Mal 
profile Natara. You get Detective Points for saying that 
she must have pissed someone off.

Milo, the Club Owner, remembers the victim as a regular 
at the club. She was with Jared, a bartender, the 
previous night. Jared runs away into the kitchen, locking 
the door behind him.

Chase time! Kick the door in, then duck when Jared throws 
a saucepan at you. Alternately, you can go around back 
and move past a cart. Once out in the street, look for 
Jared's brown hair. Natara is almost hit by a bus during 
the chase. You can pull her back or tackle her forward. 
Tackling her forward is the better option.

Mal runs at Jared. Tackle him to end the chase. He has 
white pills on his person, which explains why he ran away 
from the police.

At the precinct, the captain asks if Jared is the 
Maskmaker. Say that he could be, and you get Detective 
Points for not getting ahead of yourself. Eric comes in 
with information about the drugs. They aren't very 
powerful, so it's possible Jared used them on the victim 
or on himself to get high.

The officers question Jared in front of his attorney, 
Catherine Krutzik. You can say this case is about drugs 
or murder. Pick murder to frighten Jared, and ask him 
about the victim. He says that he was friendly with her, 
and she had been drinking when she left.

Jared's alibi checks out, and the investigation ends for 
the day. Mal returns home to an empty apartment. You can 
check his answering machine, watch TV or go to bed. The 
chapter ends when you go to bed.

The game will tell you how many Detective Points you got. 
You can replay the chapter if you want more.


You get detective points if you...

1. Bluff at the card game.
2. Give Captain Yeong your word that you'll follow the 
3. Politely ask the woman to back away from the crime 
4. Say this murder is different, because the cause of 
death is different.
5. Say that the Maskmaker is evolving.
6. Tell Natara that she must have pissed someone off.
7. Chase the suspect! Stick with him by kicking the door 
in, then ducking his attack. Remember the suspect had 
brown hair, then tackle Natara out of the bus' way. 
Finish by tacking the suspect.
8. Say the suspect could be the murderer.
9. Question the suspect about murder, to unnerve him.
10. Ask the suspect about the victim.

003c.  Chapter Two: The Masks We Wear

The next day begins Natara doing research. Pick a topic 
to research. Natara will get a phone call from District 
Chief Blaire, her supervisor. He asks how the 
investigation is going.

Tell him it is proceeding as expected, in order to get 
Detective Points. Blaire reminds Natara that she is on 
thin ice with the FBI, after what happened with her and 
Agent Mallory in Miami.

Natara ends the phone call and goes in for a briefing 
with the local police. You have to decide what she says 
at the briefing. Report that the Maskmaker is 20-40, an 
introvert, and highly intelligent.

Also, we can presume the Maskmaker is somehow connected 
to the medical field, given his use of advanced drugs. 
Captain Yeong thanks Natara for the information.

Mal and Natara go to the lab to speak with Eric. Eric 
finished examining the victim's body, and it looks like 
Mal's theory that the victim was asphyxiated is correct.

Natara can ask a question. Ask about what the victim was 
drugged with, because if you ask about fingerprints, Eric 
will insult you. Sadly, the drug that the Maskmaker used 
cannot be identified, beyond the fact that it is a 
hospital-grade paralytic.

Amy Chen, who also works in the laboratory here, calls 
Mal over. She found something strange in the quartz. Ask, 
"Um...What?" to get Detective Points and an explanation. 
Amy says that it means the mask came from Southern 

There's only one arts store in San Francisco that imports 
from Southern Europe. It is the Italia Imports and 
Exports store, which happens to do business in exotic 

Mal and Natara discuss Eric and Amy, as they drive to the 
store. When they go inside, they find it filled with 
masks. Say that the mask is creepy, and the store owner, 
Lance Boggs, appears. Boggs is somewhat pleased that you 
understood the purpose of the mask you're looking at.

Boggs correctly guesses that you are here, because of the 
Maskmaker case. Mal asks to see the store records, and 
Boggs says that there are none. His store runs on cash 
only. Mal accuses Boggs of trying to cover something up, 
most likely black market antiquities deals.

Natara steps outside with Mal and tells him to stop 
antagonizing Boggs. She believes that the best way to get 
information from Boggs is to butter him up, because he is 
an unprincipled narcissist with an innate compulsion to 
impress those around him.

Natara goes back inside, and she tries to put her theory 
about Boggs' personality into practice. Say that Mal is 
uncouth, then ask about the female mask. Natara brings up 
the fact that it is somewhat similar to the Maskmaker's 
work, and Boggs mentions the latest victim by name.

Natara questions the fact that he knows the victim's 
name, seeing as that information was not released to the 
press. Boggs tries to escape, but he runs into Mal. Mal 
attempts to arrest him, and Boggs explains.

This morning, Boggs got an email from someone claiming to 
be the Maskmaker. The email lists all three victims, 
which is information only the police should know. The 
email offers to sell a mask to Boggs.

Mal responds to the email. Natara interrupts and makes a 
suggestion. Suggest that he should negotiate the price, 
which will make the email sound more authentic. A 
response quickly appears. The seller wants to meet with 
Boggs in fifteen minutes.

Mal and Natara drive to the place chosen by the seller. 
It is an open, public place. Mal takes out a briefcase 
and walks over to the seller's car, when the seller 
quickly speeds away. The car almost hits Mal, and Mal 
gets back in the car with Natara.

A car chase ensues. A garbage truck is in the way, and 
the driver doesn't see Natara! Swerve around the truck, 
then follow Mal's instructions. Look for Dan Dan Dim Sum, 
then accelerate and cut off the other car.

The other car crashes. The driver stumbles out and 
reaches in his pocket. Threaten him, before he can pull 
out a weapon. He pulls out his ID and drops it. This man 
is Marvin Clemente, an ex-cop who worked in narcotics. He 
recognized Mal as a police officer, which is why he tried 
to escape from him.

Clemente gets put in handcuffs, and Mal gets violent. 
Pull Mal back.

Later that night, Natara speaks with Chief Blaire again. 
She ends the phone call early, when Mal comes to speak 
with her. Mal says that Clemente is not the culprit. 
Clemente learned about the murders from his girlfriend, 
who works in evidence. She gave him information about the 
case, and he made replica masks.

Natara goes to the lab to give a DNA sample, seeing as 
she's working on the case. Amy is working there, and 
she's glad for a chance to talk to a female officer. She 
asks about romance, and Natara deduces that Amy likes 

Pick whichever option you like, in response to Amy's 
dilemma. After Natara leaves, the game switches to high 
school sophomore Brittany Emerson. She snuck out of the 
house to join a beach party. Choose whatever you want to, 
during this section.

Brittany temporarily leaves the party to call her mother. 
She lies about where she is, and the Maskmaker grabs her. 
Struggle all you want, but he will eventually take her 
away, unconscious.


You get detective points if you...

1. Tell Blaire that things are proceeding as expected.
2. Say that the Maskmaker is 20-40, an introvert and 
highly intelligent.
3. Ask if Eric identified what the victim was drugged 
4. Say, "Um...What?" to Amy.
5. Tell Boggs the mask is creepy.
6. Tell Boggs that Mal is uncouth.
7. Ask about the female mask.
8. Tell Mal to negotiate the price.
9. Chase time! Catch the criminal by swerving around the 
garbage truck following Mal's instructions, looking for 
Dan Dan Dim Sum, then accelerate and cut off the 
10. Threaten the criminal.
11. Pull Mal back.
12. Say that Clemente made replica masks.
13. Say that Amy is talking about Eric.

003d.  Chapter Three: Bad Medicine

Mal and Natara arrive at the beach, where Brittany's body 
was found. Captain Yeong is agitated, and Natara wonders 
why. Say that the case is getting personal, because the 
victim is around the same age as Yeong's daughter.

The detectives examine the body. There are signs of a 
struggle. Mal says this murder is different, because the 
other victims weren't placed. The other victims were 
dumped in the San Francisco Bay, while this corpse has 
been on land the whole time.

The ID comes back on the victim. Mal and Natara visit her 
home. The family is grieving, and they do not want to 
talk for long. Console Mr. Emerson however you want, then 
ask to speak with his daughter.

Anna claims that she doesn't know anything that her 
parents don't already know. Say that you think she might 
know something. It turns out that Anna knows Brittany was 
going to a beach party, instead of studying.

Natara and Mal report this information to Captain Yeong. 
The beach is not only where the body was found, but it is 
also the scene of death.

A few hours later, Eric and Amy are on the crime scene. 
Eric expresses disdain for high school parties, then says 
that the victim was taken near the bonfire. Say that this 
doesn't make sense, because the culprit would have been 
seen if he took the victim so close to everyone else.

Amy starts picking things up, and she has a flash of 
insight. Brittany's parents didn't hear the party, when 
she called home. This means Brittany probably walked away 
from the bonfire to make the call. Amy goes to a nearby 
secluded area, with some bushes, and she discovers a 
piece of a shirt, which is stained with blood.

Call Eric over. Eric and Amy discover a vial, which 
probably held the drugs that were used to incapacitate 
the victim. This drug is later identified as 
succinylcholine, and the vial belongs to a Dr. Christian 

Tell Natara that you don't think Rose is the killer. The 
two of them arrive at Rose's operating facility, where 
they hear a scream. Peek in through a crack. Mal sees 
multiple people, and another scream is heard. Mal and 
Natara burst inside.

Dr. Rose is removing a bullet from Miguel Flores, the 
leader of a drug cartel. His bodyguards aim their guns at 
Mal and Natara. Miguel orders you to leave, or else he 
will tell his bodyguards to attack.

Tell Miguel that you just want to talk. He doesn't 
believe Mal, and he orders his bodyguards to move 
forward. Aim your gun at Miguel or Dr. Rose, then tell 
Rose that this is about the Maskmaker case. Rose removes 
the bullet from Miguel.

Either Rose or Miguel (depending on who you aimed the gun 
at) pulls out a gun. Shoot before the other person does, 
and a shootout ensues. If you aimed the gun at Miguel, he 
is killed. If you aimed the gun at Rose, tell Natara to 
take the shot, and she kills Miguel Flores. Rose escapes 
during the gunfight. Let him go, because it's too 
dangerous to chase him.

The guards stop firing, and one prepares a Molotov 
cocktail. Shoot under the cabinet to intercept the 
attack. The cocktail hits the boyguard. While Mal steps 
forward, the other bodyguard sneaks up behind Natara and 
holds her at gunpoint.

Put down your gun. The bodyguard laughs and prepares to 
shoot Mal, but Natara attacks him before he makes the 

Back at the precinct, Captain Yeong is unhappy to hear 
that the detectives don't suspect Dr. Rose of being the 
Maskmaker. Tell her that it's a theory, and you get 
Detective Points. Yeong doesn't want to hear any more, 
until you get evidence to prove Rose is innocent.

Ken comes to speak with the detectives, while Yeong gives 
a press conference about the case.


You get detective points if you...

1. Say the case is getting personal for Captain Yeong.
2. Say that the other victims weren't placed.
3. Ask to speak with Mr. Emerson's daughter.
4. Tell Anna "We think you might."
5. Tell Eric that his explanation doesn't make sense.
6. Call Eric over.
7. Tell Natara that you don't think Rose is the killer.
8. Peek through a crack before going inside.
9. Tell them that you just want to talk.
10. Say that this is about the Maskmaker case.
11. Shoot the person who is holding a gun at you.
12. Tell Natara to take a shot. This only happens, if you 
aimed your gun at Dr. Rose.
13. Let Dr. Rose escape.
14. Shoot under the cabinet.
15. Put your gun down.
16. Tell Captain Yeong that Rose's innocence is just a 

003e.  Chapter Four: Buried Secrets

The next morning, Natara heads to the police station. 
Everyone is busy trying to find Dr. Rose, but Mal wants 
to review the case. He makes it clear that he wants to 
disobey orders and pursue the Maskmaker, not Dr. Rose.

Cooperate with Mal, and the two detectives review the 
case. Mal reads a list of victims and asks if you want 
him to repeat it. Then, he asks if they have anything in 
common. Respond that they all have reddish hair.

Mal and Natara discuss the most recent victim, who 
appears to have been killed on impulse. Since her death 
wasn't planned ahead of time, the killer must have seen 
the party. He was too old to attend himself, and if he 
knew about the party ahead of time, he would have 
prepared to kill.

Natara and Mal head to a rich neighborhood, which would 
give them a good vantage point for the party. Mal 
approaches a nearby realtor, and he pretends that he and 
Natara are a couple who are looking to buy a house in the 

Cooperate with Mal's cover story, by saying you two met 
at a party and by saying you're concerned for your baby. 
The realtor says that the worst person in the 
neighborhood is the doctor who lives at 240, who keeps 
odd hours.

Mal and Natara go to the house. It looks like no one is 
home at the moment, but without a warrant, our heroes 
can't go inside. Choose to look in the trashcans, and 
Natara finds plaster from Italia Imports and Exports.

Mal accepts this as probably cause, for examining the 
house. The two of them go inside, and they find that the 
house is completely empty. It seems like it's been 
abandoned for months, actually. When Mal returns from 
exploring the upstairs area, Natara sees a dark shape 
moving behind him.

Don't say anything, because shouting would escalate the 
situation. The dark shape comes closer, and Natara sees 
that it is a man in black, wearing a mask. Fortunately, 
the Maskmaker doesn't know that Natara has seen him.

Draw your gun and shoot. Natara nearly hits the 
Maskmaker's hand. Mal lands on the ground. Ignore him, in 
favor of chasing the Maskmaker. The Maskmaker seems to 
have escaped instantly, but instead of searching outside, 
search deeper in the house.

Natara comes across a trapdoor in the floor. It's dark, 
so turn on your flashlight. The walls are covered with 
masks, pictures and writings. Looks like we just found 
that Maskmaker's base of operations. Natara hears a noise 
from the other side of a door here. Shoot the lock open 
and rush inside.

This is the room where the Maskmaker operates. The masked 
man is lying face down on the floor, with a syringe in 
his arm. Natara suspects he tried to commit suicide. She 
pulls off the mask to find that the man is Dr. Rose.

Later, Captain Yeong complements our heroes on catching 
the culprit. Given the circumstances of Rose's arrest, he 
certainly seems like the killer. Yeong asks why Natara is 
hesitant to agree. Say that she is trying to do her job. 
There are a few discrepancies with the case, which will 
hopefully be resolved when the house is thoroughly 

After this, Mal says that Natara seems worried. Ask, "You 
noticed?". Mal offers to take Natara to dinner. Say, "I 
am pretty hungry", and at the restaurant, thank the 

Mal and Natara take a walk afterwards. Pick any 
conversation topics you want here. Mal will talk about 
his wife, who left him a month ago. Natara is hesitant to 
talk about the events that happened with her previous 
partner, in Miami.

The game switches to Dr. Rose, in a hospital. He can't 
talk at this point, and so he can do nothing but watch 
helplessly as the real Maskmaker appears and kills him.


You get detective points if you...

1. Tell Mal "Let's do it."
2. Point out all the victims had reddish hair.
3. Conclude that the killer must have seen the party.
4. As part of your cover story, say you met Mal at a 
5. As part of your cover story, say you're worried for 
"our baby".
6. Since you have no warrant, look in the trashcans.
7. Don't say anything about the dark shape.
8. Draw your gun and shoot the Maskmaker.
9. Chase after him!
10. Don't go outside. Instead, go deeper into the house.
11. Turn on your flashlight to see.
12. Shoot the lock to the other room.
13. Assure Captain Yeong that you just want to do your 
14. Ask Mal "You noticed?"
15. Say, "I am pretty hungry."
16. Tell Sean "Thank you!"

003f.  Chapter Five: Unmasked

The case is closed now that the lead suspect is dead, but 
Natara still wants to examine the house. Mal agrees to 
come along and help.

Lance Boggs shows up, outside the house. He offers to 
help with the masks. Agree to let him help. He is happy, 
until he learns that he won't set foot inside the house.

Eric is working inside the house. Ask him about the 
house, to learn that it is owned by a Michael Resler. 
Natara wonders why Dr. Rose would buy such an expensive 
house, when he didn't live it in. Mal suggests that it's 
because it has a soundproof basement.

You can examine everything in the house, if you want. You 
need to examine the masks, then move them to find a safe. 
Call over Mal to look at it. He undoes an amateur bomb, 
attached to the safe.

Go into the other room and examine the wardrobe. Look at 
the coat to find an old photograph of a boy and his 
redheaded sister. The game switches to the day the 
photograph was taken, which was in 1988.

You control the young boy who will grow up to be the 
Maskmaker. Pick whichever options you want. The boy and 
his sister get in a fight.

Natara points out the fact that Dr. Rose doesn't have a 
sister. The backside of the picture has an address, which 
Mal travels to. The house does not seem to be in good 
condition. An old woman on the street asks if she can 
help Mal.

Ask if she can answer questions about the house, then ask 
how long the house has been empty. Say you're asking, 
because there are reports of a gas leak. The woman says 
that the house has been abandoned for years, ever since 
the owner moved away. He pays the woman to come by twice 
a week and take care of it.

The woman takes Mal inside. It looks unused. Inside the 
basement, Mal discovers animal skulls.

The game switches to 1989. The boy is torturing animals 
for amusement. His sister discovers this, and she is 
angry with him.

Back in the present day, Natara has found a word in a 
trashcan, which starts with "reb". Eric tells Natara that 
he is going to leave, then he mentions the discussion 
Natara and Amy had about him, towards the end of chapter 
two. Respond however you want to.

Mal returns, with information about the house. This clue 
doesn't fit with Dr. Rose, who didn't grow up in San 
Francisco. Mal asks about the safe, and Natara reveals 
that it is password protected.

You can look around for clues some more, or you can input 
the password at this time. The password is "Rebecca", the 
name of the sister. The game then switches to 1990, where 
the boy's mother is talking to a child psychologist. 
Rebecca forces her brother to put on a mask.

Mal finds a picture and a map in the safe. The picture is 
where Rebecca was killed while the map marks all the 
locations where the bodies were dumped. Guess the 
connection or review the evidence again. The connection 
is Alcatraz.

Mal calls Amy and asks for her help. She finds a record 
of a murder on Alcatraz, in 1990. The victim was Rebecca 
Resler. Amy looks up the family members, and the only 
surviving person in the family is Brian Resler, who was 
institutionalized at the age of 12.

He was released in 2006. Amy manages to find a picture of 
him, and he looks just like Eric.

Eric comes in at this moment. You have to be careful with 
your responses here, because if you choose incorrectly, 
Amy will be killed.

Eric asks if you were talking about him. Say that you 
were. Take a step towards him, and Amy says she's worried 
about her mother. Call her, when Eric gives you a phone. 
When he apologies for his suspicion, tell him to forget 

Amy starts to leave, when Eric opens her computer and 
sees his picture. He moves to attack her. Fight back with 
a pair of scissors. Eric is wounded, but he incapacitates 

An officer comes in, and while he is distracted, Eric 
knocks him out. He pulls the fire alarm, and uses the 
confusion to escape. Constantly choose to breathe here, 
or else Amy will die.

Eric takes Amy to a boat on the harbor, and he promises 
to reveal her true face to the world.


You get detective points if you...

1. Accept Boggs' help.
2. Ask Eric about the house.
3. Examine the masks, then move them to find a safe.
4. Call Mal over to look at the safe.
5. Go to the other room and examine the wardrobe.
6. Examine the coat in the wardrobe.
7. Ask if the old woman can answer a few questions about 
the house.
8. Ask how long the house has been empty.
9. Say you're investigating a gas leak.
10. Input the password "Rebecca".
11. Guess the connection "Alcatraz".
12. Say, "Yes, I was."
13. Take a step towards Eric.
14. Call Amy's mother.
15. Tell Eric to forget it.
16. Fight Eric.
17. Use a pair of scissors during the fight.

003g.  Chapter Six: The Devil's Island

Mal and Natara arrive at the forensics lab. Mal is upset 
that Eric escaped with Amy. Say "I blame myself", which 
is a more level-headed option than the other one.

Natara quickly explains that Eric is really Brian Resler, 
the Maskmaker. Captain Yeong asks why they didn't 
discover this sooner. It's because Eric ruled himself out 
as a suspect. If his DNA was found at a crime scene, they 
thought it was because he was inspecting the scene.

Eric must have planned to frame Dr. Rose for the crimes, 
but he improvised a bit when his house was discovered. 
Yeong asks for Eric's current location. It must be 
Alcatraz Island.

At Alcatraz, two park rangers note that someone has 
docked on the island. You control Ranger Lubbock at this 
point. No matter what you choose, Eric will kill the two 

Back with Mal and Natara, Mal insists that they apprehend 
Eric. This is because they know the case. Yeong agrees, 
and she gives Mal a flare gun. If anything goes wrong, he 
should shoot it in the air.

On Alcatraz, Amy is tied to a chair on the roof. She 
believes that she can get her hands free, given enough 
time. She talks to Eric to distract him, while she frees 
her hands.

Tell Eric that his name is Brian. He will talk about the 
day he killed his sister. Say that his family locked him 
away. Eric continues the story, and he talks about how he 
killed his sister. Say that her death was terrible.

Eric talks with Amy some more, but the conversation is 
cut off when he notices Mal and Natara docking on the 
island. Eric slaps Amy, pulls out a pistol, then goes to 
take care of the officers.

With Mal and Natara, choose who should lead.

If Natara leads, she goes to the security office. There, 
she should look at the roof. Mal notices a trip wire that 
will go off if Natara moves. Ask Mal to knock you aside, 
and when you reach the cells, keep hidden. Natara catches 
Eric, and a fight ensues. Duck under his scalpel attack, 
then kick low to knock him down. Eric starts to choke 
Natara. Push three times to get him to back away.

If Mal leads, he goes to the cellblock. When you see 
something, quietly investigate. The cells start to shut, 
and you should remain hidden. When you see Eric, tackle 
him. Subdue Eric's arms, and when he gets up, dive for 
the gun. Natara hears the fight and runs to the area. Go 
through the service entrance, and shoot Eric.

In both situations, Eric escapes temporarilty. Mal and 
Natara go to the roof, where Eric is poised to kill Amy. 
He threatens to kill her, if you don't drop your gun. Put 
down the gun. Eric pulls out a gun and shoots Mal.

Natara can antagonize Eric at this point, to make him 
lose control. Ask if he plans to kill Natara, like he 
enjoyed killing Rebecca. Ask if this situation is getting 
him off, and say that Rebecca was perfect.

Mal will get the flare gun towards Natara. Grab it and 
shoot. Natara fires at Eric. He falls over the edge of 
the roof and dies. The injured Mal wakes up in a hospital 
three days later.

Mal and Natara discuss things. Eric must have had a 
patron, who financed him, helped him learn medical 
techniques and arranged for him to join the SFPD.


You get detective points if you...

1. Blame yourself.
2. Say Eric ruled himself out.
3. Say the killer is on Alcatraz Island.
4. Claim you should go because you know the case.
5. Tell the killer his name is Brian.
6. Tell the killer that he hates his family, because they 
locked him away.
7. Tell the killer that his sister's death was terrible. 
8. If Natara leads, go to the room. Knock Natara aside, 
keep hidden, duck, kick low and push three times.
9. If Mal leads, quietly investigate. Remain hidden, 
tackle the killer, subdue his arms and dive for the gun. 
Go through the service entrance as Natara and shoot the 
10. Put down your gun.
11. Ask, "Like you enjoyed killing Rebecca?"
12. Ask, "Is this getting you off?"
13. Say, "She was perfect."
14. Grab the flare gun and shoot it!

004.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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