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Avenging Spirit is FREE, right now! Be sure to grab a copy!A crazy platform game that let you swap bodies and collect the powers of those you fight.4/5 - ”An excellent adaption of a fun arcade title and a solid addition to any classic and modern gamer's collection.” AppSpy/!\ ##IMPORTANT## /!\ This game will run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and up, and iPad Devices. Have you ever dreamt of possessing your enemies in a video game? It is now possible with Avenging Spirit, also known as Phantasm (??????), one of the best japanese platform-arcade game of the 90’s! Transform your iPhone in a coin-op machine and play this classic with a gameplay totally adapted to this platform.During a walk with his girlfriend, a boy is ambushed by agents of a mysterious crime organization and is shot to death. Now, as a wandering spirit with the ability to possess most others, he is summoned by his girlfriend's father to save her from these criminals. FEATURES :- Original game: Fight through 6 stages to infiltrate the crime organization’s base in order to rescue the girl.- Freeplay: Play this mode to train yourself.- Arcade: Play the real game with 3 lives. Each time you unlock a stage, you can start again your adventure from this point.- Gameplay: Play in a fullscreen mode or in the original resolution with a virtual pad completely adapted to this game.- Soundtrack: Ready to go back in some great arcade music of the 90’s? Or play with your own music if you prefer!- Game Center: More than 30 achievements to unlock! Possess a ninja or a gangster and try to unlock the others! Check the leaderboard and compete with your friends to make the best score!---2 other game from the Jaleco Arcade Series available : 64th Street (Beat Them All)Earth Defense Force (Shoot Them Up)Thank you everyone for supporting Avenging Spirit! Do not forget to rate us 5 stars and we'll keep on going with new content! Feel free to tell the world about this game!Follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/dotemuFollow us on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/dotemuVisit us on:http://www.dotemu.com

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