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Now, you can really get into flight combat with the first full, commercial version of Dogged Wings: World War II. Customize your choice of 7 historic planes then tackle your mission to destroy the enemy before they get you. Dogged Wings: World War II is about to take you on a real airplane simulation adventure. Click More to learn why you should download this exciting App today!

Sweet Ride
"So, I figured that I've played plenty of flying games in my time with my iPhone, not like this. This takes skill and determination then when you think you have it you fire off your cannons and the recoil jolts you back into reality. If you are looking for a sweet ride that makes you stand and shout out loud at your first kill, your wait is over ()."
- Kingsofking

Freaking awesome!!!
"I'm impressed!! I have Skies of Glory, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K.S, F.A.S.T., and many more, and I think.......We May Have A Winner Here!!!! "
- Ciarab1969

Youre flying high over the mountains, on the look out for spy planes. Thats your mission to find them and blast them out of the sky before they can return home with intelligence.

Thankfully, youre well trained; you know how to be careful. Youve camouflaged your plane, armed yourself with the best ammo and your senses are in a state of high alert. The enemy cannot find you first, that would mean certain death.

Your planes engines sound good, theyre humming along but the wind velocity is messing with the stability a bit, youre experiencing a little turbulence. Just as you manage to steady it out, you spot him! A spy plane at two oclock! You take aim and prepare to fire your machinegun.

Too late, you realize that hes seen you; hes turning. Pushing away the fear and feeling of being alone, you get a rush of adrenaline and do what you have to. Will you get him before he gets you?

If you were crazy for the free version of Dogged Wings, you are going to love this first-ever commercial release, World War II. It has the same great concept but more of everything that you couldnt get enough of in the freebie.

Select from seven different, authentically historic planes then start customizing. Change the paint, pick your favorite weapons and shields then take flight.

This app uses real physics to take you on a true flight simulation adventure. It takes into account the wind strength, weight of your plane, wing construction and a host of other variables to give you an exciting, realistic experience.

Dogged Wings: World War II is designed with incredible 3D imagery, which completes that sense of realism for you as you play. Its going to seem like youre really soaring through the skies in search of enemy targets.

Youll have one of nine missions or campaigns to accept and carry out every time you play the game. The apps accelerometer and touchscreen controls should make things a little easier for you. Heaven knows youll need all the help you can get while in the midst of oncoming planes and artillery fire.

If you do well enough, youll make it to the in-game achievements table, as a reward. Unlocked achievements pay in stars, so you just might become a decorated World War II fighter pilot. Go ahead and save them or spend them in the hangar to buy additional weapons or paintings for your plane.

Whatever you do, dont rest on your laurels too long because youre going to be presented with a new air challenge.

Check out the incredibly cool features you get in Dogged Wings: World War II:
* Real airplane flight simulator
* Amazing, 3D graphics interface
* Accelerometer and touchscreen controls
* Unparalleled performance
* Exciting, action-packed gameplay
* Selection of 7 customizable, authentic historic planes
* Mission and Campaign modes
* In-game Achievements Table

This is the game app thats going to transport you realistically back in time, to the combatant skies of the Second World War.

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