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MAJOR UPDATE: NOW WITH CO-OP MISSIONS, NEW LOCATIONS, ENHANCED GRAPHICS & MORE!!Join the HERO PROJECT today! New co-op missions where you work together with your HERO friends!___________________________________IGN FIRST IMPRESSIONS"This is the kind of freemium game I want to see more of in 2011: lots of interactive elements, a nice narrative thread, good focus on customization..."___________________________________“We’ve seen the future. Something is coming…” Hero Project, 7th Foundation, MMLXIWelcome to the HERO PROJECT, rookie – we need your help! My name is Captain Midnite, I’m a member of Parliament – the PARLIAMENT of HEROES, twelve strong, standing together against the inevitable tide of mankind’s dark destiny. We created the HERO PROJECT so you can help us save the world…FOLLOW US at Twitter @glumobile facebook.com/glumobile

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