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Realistic action tunnel game.

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/LifeGivingStudios

Year 2087. Earth survived the World War 3, but the planet is spliced into two hostile sides West Republic and Eastern Federation. No serious military actions have been taken for decades, but small subversive operations are being performed by each coalition.

SKIP Special 'Kaizen' Infiltration Platoon is valuable part of West Republic Air Forces. This elite fighters are specialized in sabotage and assassination actions in the enemy's rear.
After year of hard work and dozens of failed tries WR intelligence discovered the 'heart' of Eastern military beast XIN Core. It's a server cluster, essential part of Eastern military network. Destroying it will significantly weaken Eastern Federation and may even lead to the end of war.

Intelligence believes that cluster is located under the city of Shanghai II. City is in the deep rear and there are military bases all around it, so the only way to get there is through the portal from Guanwen space station.

You've been chosen as the most skilled SKIP pilot to penetrate into old russian space cruiser to get through Eastern Federation space defenses and reach Guanwen.

IMPORTANT! If you wish to listen your own iPod music within the game, don't forget to switch Music Off in SKIP's main menu. Otherwise you may experience performance drops and crashes when level starts. This issue will be fixed by next update.

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