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PAC-ATTACK, a falling puzzle game that could only star Pac-Man for iPhone/iPod touch!Line up the blocks horizontally to clear them, all the while getting those troublesome ghosts in position for a PAC-ATTACK!Control using the virtual pad or via direct-touch controls. Compete against your friends via on-line ranking![PAC-ATTACK]Cleverly arrange and clear the dropping PAC-MAN, ghost and wall blocks. The more blocks clear at once, the higher your score.1.Groups of 3 blocks drop one at a time from the top of the screen.2.Rows filled with wall-blocks will disappear.3.From time-to-time, PAC-MAN will appear as a block.4.PAC-MAN will move by gravity toward the bottom of the screen, eating any ghosts in his path.5.A fairy will appear after PAC-MAN eats a certain number of ghosts.6. The fairy clears all the monsters in the eight lines below the line it lands on.Keep clearing wall blocks and eating ghosts to prevent the blocks and ghosts from reaching the top of the screen.[PUZZLE]1.At the start of each puzzle, the play field is pre-filled with some ghosts and wall-blocks.2.Pre-determined blocks will drop. Arrange these blocks such that PAC-MAN eats all the ghosts.3.Failure occurs if some ghosts remain uneaten.Try your best to clear all 100 puzzles.[SCRAMBLE]Compete against your Facebook friends in this online-ranking mode.

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