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Time Geeks: Find All! has been hailed by critics as one of the essential games for iPhone for its great beauty, easy handling and fun. And defined by players as the best game of searches carrying seek & find games to a new dimension. ? GEEKS SERIES JOKES: Find all the "Lost" and other Pop Culture references in awesome scenarios plenty of funny details. ? GORGEOUS PIXELART GRAPHICS: Get your retina display and enjoy with the most detailed pixel art scenarios in the AppStore. Discover the lost island, the stadium, the big city, the worms land, etc. Lot of new places that surely will surprise you. ? FANS & CRITICS AGREE: TIME GEEKS FOR iOS IS AN AMAZING GAME… ? APPLE: Featured as "New and Noteworthy”, “What’s hot” and “Staff favorites” in several countries. ? SLIDE TO PLAY: "Puts a refreshing twist on hidden object games while tapping into every gamer's inner geek." — Rating: Must have! 4/4. ? TUAW: Time Geeks is a lot of fun, and it's definitely a full-featured title that's worth a look no matter what kind of games you like. ? TOUCHARCADE: If you've ever enjoyed a Where's Waldo book (or the game), or really any other hidden object game on the App Store, Time Geeks: Find All! is a game you need on your device. (And our forum members agree.) The pixel art is great, the graphics look amazing on the Retina Display, and the randomization of the target items in games means you can play through it again and again. ? APPADVICE: The best seek and find game yet in the App Store because of the personality packed in. There is so much humor and detail in every scene on top of so much enjoyment of scouring the amazing images — Rating:4/5 Should buy. ? TOUCHREVIEWS: "Unique game that should be in everyone’s collection" — Rating:5/5. ? APPTILT: "Seriously, a wonderful piece of entertainment." — Rating: 9/10. ? GAMEZEBO: "Time Geeks: Find All! is the kind of game you won't put down for a whole host of reasons." — Rating: 4.5/5. ? NO TIME FOR BORING: ? More than 250 challenges. ? Classic history with 11 amazing missions. ? Zombie history with 9 amazing missions. ? 9 minigames and lot of game modes. ? Multiplayer game! 2 friends sharing one device or play with others via Game Center.? Editor: build your own Pixel Art scenario and share it with your friends in Facebook. ? Game Center and OpenFeint to share your records and get achievements. ? ENJOY THE ORIGINAL HISTORY: The Zoorgs have caused distortion in space-time moving people, animals and objects from their place of origin. Our friends the Time Geeks need to find them all to avoid a total collapse of space-time before it is too late! A game produced by Ivanovich Games & Cory Games. Based in Time Geeks ©Newgeek Games/Popchild TM. All artwork © Popchild TM." We are working in free updates with new cool missions. Coming soon!! We love to hear your comments/suggestions at support@ivanovichgames.com

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