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NAUGHTY BEAR STALKS AND SLASHES HIS WAY ONTO YOUR IPHONEWhen the other bears threw a party, Naughty Bear wasn’t invited. Scorned for the last time, Naughty Bear is exacting his revenge… Now they will pay… with their lives…Scare the stuffing out of your victims as Naughty Bear, a lovable sociopathic teddy bear who exacts his revenge on the ill-fated bears of Perfection Island.Stab, shoot and bludgeon every adorable creature that crosses your path – from robots to ninja bears – in this slide-splitting action adventure.HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO BE NAUGHTYStalk and Slash your way through 30 missions spread across 4 Locations.Hunt all the 7 different bear types during the day or terrorize them at twilight and late into the night, with 3 distinct times of day.VICIOUS HUMORTurn objects found across your path into an assortment of unconventional weapons!Improvise traps from household items: Hide, watch and return to viciously finish off the terrified trapped bears!Over-the-top macabre animations accompany your Naughtiness.STORY MODEDozens of Missions with different goals: Get the Maximum Naughty Points, Killing Spree or just steal all the Cupcakes!ARCADE MODEUp the Pressure with slasher sprees against the clock!GLOBAL LEADERBOARDSRack up Naughty Points on global OpenFeint Leaderboards by striking terror into the hearts of all bears through sabotage, scares and kills!

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