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PAC-MAN is back, and with a brand new format! Clear the way for PAC-CHAIN, the all-new action puzzler that unites classic PAC-MAN gameplay with fast-paced block-clearing adventure! The rules are simple! Clear areas by finding and touching groups of similarly-colored ghosts. Don’t forget to touch and flick the on-screen PAC-MAN in order to eat scattered pac-dots and power-pellets! Once you’ve found a power-pellet, prepare yourself for a serious buffet of blue-ghost chomping—the whole-screen is now at your disposal! But always stay alert: PAC-CHAIN ends when the ghosts float up and reach the top of the screen!GAME MODES:[PAC-CHAIN]: Aim for an endless game, fending off the ghosts while they relentlessly climb to the top of the screen. How long can you keep your game alive?[SCRAMBLE]: Go for maximum points within the set time limit. Connect with Facebook for heated score-attacks with your Facebook friends.Tips:*Flick the screen to move PAC-MAN Up/Down/Left/Right.*PAC-MAN can eat ghosts after eating a power-pellet.*Touch to clear connected groups of 2 or more same-colored ghosts.*The "chain meter" is on the right, and the "blue meter" on the left.*If you clear four or more monsters lined up, that's a chain.

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