???No.1 in 8 countries on the Valentine's Day??????No.1 in U.S.??????No.1 in Italy??????No.1 in Netherlands??????No.1 in Switzerland??????No.1 in Niger??????No.1 in Nicaragua??????No.1 in Latvia??????No.1 in Botswana?????? Game in 3D ?????? Movement of dices in real-time ?????? Added food dice, accessories dice ... ???Very HOT: 3 games in 1 for your biggest pleasure.A combination of the famous hot dice rogues and the dices of the kamasutra.Spice up your evenings with your partner. The purpose is simple: shake. Very complete:4 progressive levels (with the level of the kamasutra).More than 18 possibilities for the actions.More than 18 possibilities for parts of the body.More than 25 Positions of the kamasutra … You can CHANGE LEVEL with the heart of the thermometer (slide)...Give free to your imagination….. and if you like this app please rate it..."Sex Dice 3D" works with Iphone 4/Iphone 3GS/Iphone 3G/Itouch/Ipad.Noted: App totally translated in English and in French.????? "Totally worth it: Great for a night in with my gf ! Loads of fun"Joel Hartwell (Australia)20th Feb 2011????? "Dice: Heaps of fun !!!"Teeee1234567 (Australia)17th Feb 2011????? "Cool: Super ses des"I Like that (Switzerland)28th Jan 2011????? "Chaud bouillant: Effectivement il y a de quoi pimenter les soirées ...."totorinaCamil (France)20th Nov 2010????? "Très jolie: Vraiment très hot et les possibilités sont immenses..."LaurentPionso (France)20th Nov 2010????? "Parfait: Excellent, surtout les différents niveaux"Galamaoude (France)31st Oct 2010????? "Note: Verry hot..."Don glove (France)1st Nov 2010

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