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Check out the new Hawaii Level with Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard in a Shark Cage!Ever dreamed to become the next Jacques Cousteau?Challenge your Scuba Diving skills in this unique Exploration game.Jump in the water, scuba dive around the world, gather lots of artifacts, catch 100s of Fishes, Dolphins, Sharks in this highly addictive Action game with a test of Adventure!Sell your collected items and Explore deeper with your dynamite, scooter, submarine...Use your SPEAR GUN or TASER GUN to fight a dozen type of sharks including the genetically enhanced SHARKS WITH WICKED LASERS...Dr.Evil would be proud!Explore huge beautiful underwater worlds full of Treasures and ancient Artifacts:Egypt, Caribbean, Titanic, Australia, Hawaii.Best experience with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 4th Generation and higher.Check out the new Official Trailer on Youtube:http://youtu.be/bopKhee0f-U** Check the Facebook page to get tips on submarine and other equipments *************************************************GAME REVIEWS:"Ocean Exploration At Its Best" - dclose - toucharcade"I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that is fun and also challenging." - iPhonefootprint"Addicted to the mission" - theiphoneappreview***********************************************WHAT PEOPLE SAY:* "I called in sick for a whole week now, just to play. I haven't even changed underwear!!"* "It is like being Jacques Cousteau!"* "Great collecting game that fans of I Dig It will love!"* "Two of my favorite game elements combined in one game, exploration and being underwater."***********************************************Game features:+ 5 Campaign locations (Egypt, Caribbean, Titanic, Australia, Hawaii) and 15 unique Challenges with increasing difficulty.+ 104 fish/dolphins/whales/sharks to collect+ 320 artifacts and antiques to collect (Egyptian Statues, Pirates Guns, Titanic Jewelries, Australian Boomerangs...)+ Campaign and Challenges lnfinite re-play+ Male and Female characters+ Addictive fish chasing+ Sharks with Lasers+ Angry sharks, mean sharks, sleepy sharks+ Beautiful underwater world+ Lots of diving equipment (knife, speargun, dynamite, tasergun, scooter, camera, mini-submarine,...)+ Warehouse to browse through your collected items+ Combo bonuses x3, x5, x10, x20+ Game Center Leaderboards and 51 Achievements+ Easy controls (Joystick or Swipe)+ Cheats in Challenge mode+ Auto game-savingThat's hours of gameplay!***********************************************Youtube Official Trailer:http://youtu.be/bopKhee0f-UInterested in some Cheats?Follow us on Twitter:@AtlantisSharksComments, Questions, Latest News, Atlantis Oceans Facebook Fan Page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atlantis-Oceans/206845372687648Found a bug?Contact us at support@sunrisesoftware.ca***********************************************

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