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The Marblenauts roll into the App Store! A puzzle game like no other.

Guide your Marblenauts to their destination by using a variety of tools and objects. Break blocks, rotate gears, make crates and more to help them along the way. Can you help them to finally get home?

Marblenauts has been featured by Apple on "new and noteworthy", "what's hot" and "what we're playing"

"It’s a puzzle game unlike any I’ve ever played before, but feels totally familiar and classic." - iPadGames.org
"Marblenauts, which is a universal app, looks good on the iPhone, but the higher resolution graphics in the iPad version are absolutely stunning." - gamepro.com (4.5 / 5 stars)
"What’s so amazing about Marblenauts is that it successfully mixes, mashes, and twists the core concept around in every conceivable way." - iFanzine.com (5 / 5 stars)

- Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad in one universal build
- Over 80 levels to play in simple and complex game modes
- Use up to 5 different tools
- A comprehensive tutorial to get you started
- Collect more than 20 items
- Earn skip balloons to get past difficult levels and play them later
- Handmade pixel art, play on the iPad or a device with a retina display for high-definition goodness
- Replay complex mode levels for extra challenge and rewards
- Undo multiple moves, there is no penalty for making mistakes
- Save your progress with 2 savegames
- Average completion time is more than 10 hours

The game contains excellent sound effects and music tracks by Mike Weiser:

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