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"Little time-management gem :)" 4,5/5
"One of the best and most addicitive!" 5/5

My Little Restaurant is growing bigger and bigger with guests from all around the world!

New sports season is about to begin and we're aiming at those hungry spectators. Brand new open-air restaurant is going to be a blast! And since we're expecting dozens of guests we're going to have two waiters serving our guests. Cooperate with Annie or Mikey and make the best servicing team in the whole wide world.

In My Little Restaurant you seat your guests, collect orders, deliver meals and earn money. Every once in a while jump into kitchen and prepare some tastylicious burgers or perfect sushi. Touching, tapping and sliding fun, all with one finger and all for the whole family. Thirty-nine unique levels, extra game features, power-ups and a love story to follow. You won’t find a better deal at any other place.
*** Hours of cook and serve fun for a price of a simple burger. ***

Game Features:
* FIVE unique Restaurant Themes: Picnic Fun, American Diner, Japanese Bar, Ancient Palace and Space Lunchroom
* Two extra cooking games: ’Burgers for the Coach’ and ’SushiMaster Challenge’
* Thirty-nine unique levels
* Extra features and power-ups
* Up to 50 guests at a time

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