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WhizzBall!, the ultimate 3D community puzzle game, is wildly entertaining and challenging. Originally a Discovery Kids online game 10 years ago is now available for the iPhone!

Use a combination of drop funnels, rollers, springs, tubes, boxing gloves, catapults and UFO's to get the ball to its final destination. Let the world solve and rate puzzles that you create. Give your brain a workout by solving Official puzzles and puzzles developed by your friends and the global WhizzBall! community - it's incredibly addictive!

Whether you prefer to build puzzles or solve puzzles, WhizzBall! will test your brain and creativity and provide you with hours of enjoyment on the couch or on-the-go.

Some of the great Whizzball! features include:

- Solve puzzles and earn points
- Unlock new backgrounds as you solve Official puzzles
- Play community puzzles created by players around the world and earn placement on the global leaderboard
- Become one of the best puzzle builders and see if you place in the Top 100 builders
- Build a profile and see how you rank
- Track the rating of your published puzzles
- Challenge your friends to solve your puzzles through Facebook and Twitter
- 3D playing field and changeable backgrounds

Please feel free to provide feedback to mobile_help@discovery.com

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