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Don't miss the chance to grab a piece of gaming history! The original arcade fighter from Data East, complete with **MULTI-PLAYER**, Karate Champ is the very first fighting game and spawned a thousand imitators. One of IGN's Top10 Most Influential Games of all time, and to many the game that embodies what a fighter should be.Featured in iTunes must-have 'Retro Games', Former Top10 Arcade Game worldwide and nominated for the 'Best App Ever Awards' and Included in Touch Arcades list of must have apps for iPhone.As featured by Apple, Gizmodo, Touch Arcade, and Pocket Gamer, Karate champ is more than a blast from the past and a must-have for your fighting game / retro collection, Karate Champ is unique for it's use of TWO STICKS NO BUTTONS, VERTICAL screen, and 2 player mode via wifi and bluetooth.This not only makes it unique among the fighting game fraternity but perfectly suited to the iPhone from a control perspective, and one of the best 2 player experiences on iTunes.Features include:- Dual Arcade Stick Controls (no D-Pad or buttons).- Vertical orientation (no thumbs covering the action :)- Virtual arcade cabinet surround and facia- 1 Player vs CPU over 12 environments- 2 PLAYERS via Bluetooth and WIFI !!- all the bonus rounds (including the rampaging bull :)- all the classic 80's sounds- Various New User Settings Super large Character Option Customise the arcade unit facia Old school scanlines on/off- and much much more.This is no random button masher, it's about skillfully executing perfectly timed karate moves against ever more challenging opponents in your quest to become the one true Karate Champ!Rebuilt from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod Touch from the team that bought you the highly acclaimed 'Cobra Command' and the just released UFO on Tape, Karate Champ is a beloved retro classic without equal.Support Notes:i) 2 Player Mode requires access to wifi OR 2 devices with compatible bluetooth (1st generation iPhone and 1st gen. iPod Touch do not support peer to peer play over bluetooth , just wifi).ii) Karate Champ provides a lag free experience but to ensure best results use either Wifi OR Bluetooth but don't leave both on as it can cause network confusion in devices. iii) Karate Champ has been designed for iPhone and iPod Touch play but also looks and plays GREAT on the iPad with 2x scaling and of course multiplayer via wifi/bluetooth. :)Separate dedicated iPad version also available with 2 Player head to head splitscreen mode.

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