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iBomber 2, the sequel to the #1 US and European Smash Hit game, played by over 3 million people.iBomber 2 is an amazing, arcade styled bombing game based in North Africa and Europe between 1943 and 1944.You play a heroic bomber pilot searching out key enemy targets to destroy! In iBomber 2 you can now chase down enemy tanks and trucks, use torpedoes and depth charges to target ships, avoid enemy ground to air missiles, call in artillery strikes on targets and use fighter escorts for defence.iBomber 2 immediately transports you into the thick of the action with multiple daring missions to undertake, offering a huge variety of gameplay, thrills and total entertainment.Featuring:- 12 All New action packed missions.- Mission locations; North Africa and Europe.- Multiple new bomb types and pick-ups.- Chase down enemy Tanks and Trucks.- Torpedo & Depth charge enemy Ships & Subs.- Call in Artillery Strikes on Target.- Use Fighter escorts for protection.- Amazingly detailed high quality graphics.- Accelerometer and All New Touch control.- Amazing audio and 3D spatial sound.- The pure fun of blowing everything up!- Plays great on all iOS devices.See iBomber 2 and other great Cobra games in action at - www.youtube.com/cobimobiFollow Cobra Mobile on Twitter: @cobramobileCheck out Cobra Mobile's other fantastic iOS games including, iBomber, iBomber Defense, Numba, Storm in a Teacup, Powerslide Penguin, Mouse About and Low Grav Racer."iBomber" is a trade mark and brand name of Cobra Mobile Limited.

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