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Icarus-X is a Full 3D Vertical Shooter, featuring fast paced action, epic boss battles, challenging achievements, downloadable replays and the mandatory online leaderboards! Icarus-X is now Universal and supports Retina Display, Game Center and the new iPhone 5.Icarus-X features downloadable replays, so that you can enjoy watching the best players in the world turn the game inside out and pull out gigantic high scores!There is also a Slow-Motion Pratice mode to learn the more difficult patterns at your own pace.----------------------------Features include:* Retina Display* Game Center (iOS 4.1 and higher)* Full 3D environments and ships* Fast paced action* Simple and intuitive controls* Online leaderboards* Downloadable replays* Slow-motion practice mode* Epic boss battles* 4 Challenging modes* Achievements and Unlockables* Choose between your iPod music or the game's upbeat soundtrack----------------------------"Graphics are top notch, controls are plainly intuitive" - gizmodo.com (featured in Best Apps of the Week)"Highly recommended" - shmup.com"A polished little gem of a game" - allaboutthegames.co.uk (4/5)"It will make you feal like a 'pro' in no time" - appspy.com (4/5)Top 10 iPhone Apps And Games May 2010 - areacellphone.com----------------------------Watch the trailer and more on the official website : http://icarus-x.comFollow us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/TheQuadsphereJoin us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Icarus-X/380978725066

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