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The party goes anywhere you go with Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play your favorite arcade games like Air Hockey, Alley Roller, Basketball and much, much more! Play games to earn tickets and collect prizes to deck out your own special room. Fun for the whole family, Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games transports you to a place “Where A Kid Can Be A Kid”!Perfect Fun For The Whole Family – Enjoy more than 11 different games starring Chuck E. Cheese and his international group of friends. Extended Replay-Ability – With tons of prizes to earn and tickets to collect, this title will provide hours of enjoyment. Try and collect all the various prizes to deck out your custom room!Ease of Use – Simple gameplay mechanics with a low learning curve that mimic the games at the retail Chuck E. Cheese's locations will have your family playing in no time!Fun For Everyone - Providing wholesome, enjoyable family entertainment that makes the Chuck E. Cheese's experience magical! Chuck E. Cheese's was founded by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari & Pong), in May 1977 and has finally come back full circle to be released on the new generation of gaming platforms!

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