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Download Intellivision and prepare to be transported back to the dawn of the video game era! Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Thunder Castle – all classics of early console gaming – and now available for the first time on iPhone!

VH1 Classic has brought back six of the original Intellivision games. These classic games show what the early days of gaming were all about: Great game-play, fun graphics and awesome, retro sounds. You’ll be addicted after the first play!

And, the new versions add a couple wrinkles that would’ve totally blown minds back in 1981:

• Head to head play over Bluetooth AND WiFi. You can challenge your friends to play the games and test your retro gaming skills!
• Accelerometer controls, so you can control the games in a whole new way.

VH1 Classic Presents: Intellivision is free to download and comes with the best-known Intellivision classic game: Astrosmash. Each additional game is $0.99 to download and can be downloaded from within the app.

Step into the video game time machine and be transported to a simpler time!

Available games:
* Astrosmash (free with download)
* Skiing
* Chip Shot Golf
* Thin Ice
* Thunder Castle
* Night Stalker

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