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The World’s number 1 football management series comes to your iPhone and iPod touch!


The Times –“a software equivalent of Lionel Messi: how is so much brilliance crammed into something so small?”

Guardian - 4/5 “If you’ve not tried FM before this makes a splendid introduction”
IGN – 90% “A distillation of all that’s good about FM”
iPhone Games Unlimited -90% “Bringing Football Manager to the iPhone is a godsend.”
Pocket Gamer 8/10 – “Effortlessly ranks as the finest simulation of football management on the iPhone”
CVG – 90% - “ bloody excellent”
Nuts – “Football is great. Games are great. iPhones are great. Football Manager Handheld on the iPhone is amazing!”

Developed by Sports Interactive, the kings of the football management genre, Football Manager Handheld™ 2010 brings the unrivalled realism and experience of the best selling and critically acclaimed Football Manager™ series to your iPhone and iPod Touch.
Take control of all aspects of management, from managing a squad of up to 36 players, setting your tactics, formations, team instructions, training and transfers.
Manage in any of 11 countries and 34 leagues and take your chosen team to the top in the biggest football management game to hit the iTunes store
Buy and sell in a transfer market featuring over 20,000 players recruiting world stars or hidden gems
Watch your team in action using the classic Football Manager™ match view, allowing you to analyse your own teams performance, your opponents weaknesses, or just celebrate the goals going in!

Game available in English, French, Italian and Spanish languages

VISIT US: www.footballmanager.com
FOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/SI_games
BECOME A FAN: www.facebook.com/officialfootballmanager
or VIEW IT ONLINE http://www.footballmanager.com/iphonemanual

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