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by killswitch19

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Walkthrough by killswitch19

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/07/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2018 | Highest Rated Guide


There are no Wonders that are required for victory, and other than Pyramids, you should be picking them based on the Card Row and your production capabilities. You should expect to build 2-4 Wonders in a game, around 1 every age. The best time to pick one is when you are overloaded with Resources and need a “dump”, but don't have Yellow Tokens to spare.

Age A Wonders

Hanging Gardens ★★★
This will solve any Happiness problems you may have likely until Age III. The + 1 Culture per turn is just icing. Be wary of the Ravages of Time Political Action suddenly knocking off 2 Happiness out of no where.

Library of Alexandria
Waste of a Wonder slot for a very small Science and Culture gain. The Extra hand limit is just not that useful. Pyramids already extends your Card Row hand limit.

Colossus ★★★
2 Strength early on is fairly strong, and the colonization bonus is helpful in 3+ player games. If you’re building this though make you are seeding lots of Colonies, and if you can score Navigation you will have a monopoly on colonies.

Pyramids ★★★★
1 Extra Civil Action x ~17 turns is incredibly powerful. As there’s not much to build in Age I except for Alchemy, this is a great place to dump 6 Resources.

Age I Wonders

Great Wall ★★*
Happiness, Culture, and Strength in one tidy package; Great Wall’s 4 slots do make it cumbersome to build. If you are getting this, do not research Cavalry tech if you can avoid it as it does not get the bonus. *Pairs extremely well (ironically) with Genghis Khan.

St. Peter's Basilica ★★
Just like Hanging Gardens this should solve your Happiness problems for almost the entire game. That said it does require at least one other building to get that effect, so I find it slightly inferior to Hanging Gardens.

Universitas Carolina ★★
You get this for the Science and only if you didn’t get Alchemy. Getting this + Alchemy is overkill in Age I.

Taj Mahal
3 Culture a turn this early in the game should feel better/stronger, but it just doesn’t do enough to help either your military or economy, and it’s incredibly unusual bonus is just a non-factor. If it didn’t count toward your Wonder total it might be more useful.

Age II Wonders

Transcontinental Railroad ★★★*
The only Wonder that gives you Resources, Transcontinental is excellent; unless all you have is Iron. *I can’t justify its price unless you have Coal.

Eiffel Tower ★★★
Remember how much I like Movies? Eiffel tower is a Movie that you can build in stages and doesn’t require a Yellow Token.

Kremlin *
Blech. Unhappiness for some extra Civil Actions and 2 Culture per turn? Not to mention its Resource Cost? No thank you. Get this *if you are desperate for Civil Actions, having missed both a good government, Pyramids, and Code of Laws.

Ocean Liner Service ★★
Ocean Liner seems awesome, and in a lot of ways it is. If for whatever reason you are stuck with Age A Agriculture, and didn’t get any extra Tokens through Colonization, this will fix your population problems quick. You likely will still need some agriculture tech later in game to avoid starvation, but it'll give you the idle Tokens you need immediately. However if you already have good food production Ocean Liner isn't needed. Making a bunch of Yellow Tokens you can’t afford to turn into buildings or units isn’t helpful.

Age III Wonders

Hollywood, Internet, Space Flight, Fast Food Chains ★★
Build whatever makes sense. Once you take the Wonder, if you can, don’t complete it until the final turn to maximize the score you’ll get, unless of course you think you can build two.