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by killswitch19

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Walkthrough by killswitch19

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/07/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2018 | Highest Rated Guide

Military Units

Age II Military Cards are excellent because they do not go obsolete for Age III Tactics, particularly the very strong Modern Army. I try to avoid spending Science on 2 Military Techs of the same class, ie. Cavalry and Tanks. Sometimes it's unavoidable if you need a non-obsolete Tactic.


The +1 Strength is rarely worth the Science cost. While it’s very cheap to upgrade your lowly Warriors to Swordsmen, it’s not usually needed. *I do like getting this with either Homer (his perk lets you upgrade a Warrior for free) or Genghis Khan, but otherwise skip this for Cavalry.

Riflemen ★★★
A quick, substantial upgrade from your Warriors that also never goes obsolete with Age III Tactics. This is an excellent way to keep your Strength up in Age II by using your already existing Warriors from Age A.

Modern Infantry ★★
Another decent upgrade, but expensive in both Science and Resources. If you didn’t get Riflemen and need this for a key Tactic go ahead.


Knights ★★★
Likely the best Military Card in the game, Knights gives you access to crucial Tactics like Medieval Army or Phalanx. For just 2 Military units you can have a Strength of 5, and with 4, a Strength of 10! All in Age I!

Calvarymen ★★
If you didn’t get Knights, Calvarymen can substitute, but really only get this if you have a Tactic to support it. Fortunately unlike Knights Calvarymen won’t go obsolete in Age III.

Tanks ★★
A decent upgrade from Knights but has less of an impact than going from Warriors to Riflemen.


Cannon ★★★
Excellent unit that works with Great Wall and has good stand alone Tactics. Good even without a Tactics card in hand as it doesn’t go obsolete in Age III.

Rockets *
*If you need this for a Tactic then grab it. It is the most expensive (other than Air Forces) Military Card in Age III. Ideally just use Cannons from the last Age.

Air Forces

For those confused about what Air Forces does, it doubles the effect of any Tactics card in play. So if you have Napoleonic Army (one of Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry for a bonus 8 Strength), building Air Forces increases your strength by 13 (5 for the Air Forces Unit + 8 for doubling your existing Tactic) with one card.

Air Forces ★★★★
Game changing card. Even if you have no intention of building Air Forces, preventing your opponent from getting this may be worthwhile if they are sporting a dangerous Tactic. This single card makes wars in Age III so significant, and makes defense cards so much more useless. In earlier ages, discarding card is sufficient to to defend a lot of aggressions, but not so in Age III, largely due to the +5 Strength from each unit and Air Forces.