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by killswitch19

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Walkthrough by killswitch19

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/07/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2018 | Highest Rated Guide

Blue Technologies

The most important thing to remember about Technology is that upgrading techs are not additive, it replaces the inferior tech. In general you are only going to want one tech from each category and no more.


Monarchy *
*I would only get Monarchy if I could revolt for it, and only if I did not have Code of Laws or Pyramids. Unlike those other cards, when you do get a critical Government (Constitutional Monarch or Republic), the extra Civil Actions you got from Monarchy doesn’t transfer over, and is effectively wasted thereafter.

Theocracy *
Only worth it with *Joan or Arc and only then just barely.

Constitutional Monarchy ★★★★
Now we are talking. 2 more Civil Actions, 2 more Military Actions, & 3 Urban Building limit, this is your end game Government. Anymore Civil Actions will likely be wasted. Grab this early, even if you have to revolt for it. Robespierre + Constitutional Monarchy is a fantastic play.

Republic ★★
Constitutional Monarchy’s ugly younger brother, Republic is serviceable if you didn’t get Constitutional Monarchy. Its biggest weakness it the lack of Military Actions. Even if you don’t plan on having any wars, generating Political Cards for end game scoring is still very important.

19 Science for unhappiness and the equivalent number of Civil Actions as Republic? This is what desperate players pick if they some how missed both Republic and Communism.

Democracy ★★
Expensive at 17 Science, the culture bonus is not insignificant, and can justify the price not for Civil Actions, but for the ‘free’ culture, but only if you have Science to spare. The extra Urban Building limit over Age II Governments can be important. Basically a must take if you still have Despotism at this stage in the game.

Fundamentalism ★★
The Science hit is not as meaningful as the game is usually in its final turns, and the 5 Strength is a nice bonus. Rarely needed however over other Governments.


Code of Laws ★★★, Justice System ★★, Civil Service
If you didn’t get Pyramids, Code of Laws is excellent and worth its steep Science cost of 6. Justice System only costs 1 Science more, but is still inferior as it comes in Age II where excellent Governments are introduced that largely fix your Civil Action problems. Civil Services arrives far too late and is only worth taking if you have Science to spare and seeded a relevant scoring card.


Cartography ★★★*, Navigation ★★, Satellites
Just like Civil Technologies, the longer a card is around to pay for itself the more valuable it tends to be. Cartography provides a +2 bonus to colonization is excellent. The AI snatches this up frequently for 2+ Civil Actions in 4 player games. There is only one copy of these cards per game so if someone snatches it up, stop seeding colonies for the game. Navigation comes a bit too late and Satellites comes way too late. The Strength bonus can be helpful but you’re better off getting the Military techs.

*I would not get any Colonization techs in 2 player games.


Masonry ★★, Architecture ★★, Engineering ★
Construction effectively is a trade, spending Science to save on Resources later. They are a decent pick up if that's where your economy seems to be at. Masonry is very cheap at only 3 Science. If you can get this before plunking down your first Alchemy Labs it’ll make them dirt cheap. The Wonder building bonus can be very helpful too. Architecture can be worthwhile if you get it before you start building your key Age II/III Culture buildings, but Engineering comes way too late usually to be worth it.


Warfare ★★, Strategy ★★, Military Theory ★★
If you have the Science to spare these are all good techs, particularly if you end up stuck with Republic as a Government. They all provide a nice Strength bonus in addition to the Military Civil Actions.