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Hungry guests are waiting!
Cook lots of food in a pot, enough for everyone!

> The Foo-Don Shop is open!
New types of Foo-Don that are only
available in the Shop are now available!
Try out the new Foo-Don and see what
skills they have!

Trade in-game coins for the new Foo-Dons!

> Fun! Simple! Cooking puzzle action!
Puzzles for beginners to experts!
Prepare dishes with fun puzzle action, and make your shops a success!

> Game Overview
The rules are simple! Connect 3 or more Foo-Don (ingredient characters), then tap them to make the dish!
Tap and hold connected Foo-Don and they'll stick together, turning into a jumbo Foo-Don!
Make a dish from jumbo Foo-Don to earn tons more points!
Easy controls make it fun to create jumbo Foo-Don and rack up points!

Fulfill quests by completing puzzles, and your shops will steadily grow!
From time to time, Papa and special guests will show up to try your food!
Make a lot of dishes, satisfying the customers who come to your shops!

There are lots of fun events, including chances to receive some great rewards!

Product features:

* Chef-themed puzzling with easy controls!
* Puzzles for beginners to experts!
* Hold connected Foo-Don and watch them grow!
* Bigger Foo-Don equal more points!
* Fulfill quests by completing puzzles!

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