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Get Up, Get Out, and Explore!

Get on your feet and step outside to find and catch wild Pokemon. Explore cities and towns where you live and even around the globe to capture as many Pokemon as you can. As you walk through the real world, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know you're near a Pokemon.

For safety's sake, never play Pokemon GO when you're on your bike, driving a car, riding a hoverboard, or anything else where you should be paying attention, and of course never wander away from your parents or your group to catch a Pokemon.

* Use the Map
The map is your main view while playing Pokemon GO, and it is based on the actual real-world map of the streets and pathways where you're standing. The map contains lots of information that's useful when you're exploring. You'll always be in the center of the map. Use it to find PokeStops, Gyms, the location of nearby Pokemon, and more!

PokeStops usually exist at easily identifiable landmarks, such as public art installations or other points of interest.

Encounter Pokemon
Keep an eye out for glowing areas called habitats that indicate where you may find Pokemon. You won't always find a Pokemon in a habitat, but the chances are very good. Pokemon love places like public parks and recreation areas. So get outside and walk around to find more Pokemon!

Be sure to explore many habitats that show up on your map so you can catch a variety of Pokemon.

* Favored Habitats
Its most effective to look for Pokemon at habitats that match where they're most likely to live. For example, if you're on the beach or at a pier, you're more likely to find Water-type Pokemon. However, if you're in a desert climate, you would be much less likely to find Water-type Pokemon.

You can see the kinds of Pokemon that might be found near your current location by using the Sightings feature. Note that Pokemon already in your Pokedex will appear in color, while those not in your Pokedex will appear as dark silhouettes.

Stay alert and remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Please do not trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be.

If you find yourself in a big open field, it's possible you'll encounter Grass-type Pokemon.

* Visit PokeStops
Look for PokeStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments. You can collect more Poke Balls and other items at PokeStops, which show up on your map as blue squares. When youre close enough to a PokeStop to search it, the box on top of the blue square will open. That's the time to gather items from the PokeStop!

If you can't get to the PokeStop because it's on private property, there will be more just around the corner, so don't worry!

Spin the Photo Disc to gather items from the PokeStop.

* Load Up Your Bag
Access your Bag in the Map view by touching the Poke Ball icon. The kinds of items you'll keep in your Bag include Poke Balls, medicines, Berries, and more. (Pokemon Eggs will not appear in your Bag.) You can also access your Bag during Pokemon encounters.

Each item is accompanied by a description of what it does.

* Level Up Your Trainer
Catch as many Pokemon as you can to earn Experience Points (XP) and increase your Trainer level! Each capture awards XP based on the kind of Pokemon you've caught, whether you've caught the Pokemon before, and the accuracy of your throw.

At higher levels, you'll have access to stronger items, such as Great Balls, to give you a better shot at catching Pokemon. Keep exploring and encountering Pokemon to raise your level!

Catch a lot of Pokemon and watch your level increase!

* Earn Medals
A wide variety of challenges are available that highlight many different accomplishments, such as the number of Pokemon you've caught and the distance you've traveled. By completing these challenges, you'll unlock achievement medals that will appear in your player profile. Try your best to unlock as many medals as you can!

Check out your profile page to see your progress on various medals.

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