Do craft essences abilities active for sub members only in play or not?

  1. I been recently playing this game a month ago and doing well in the game. I have a craft essence call "What lies beyond the horizon" and I want to apply it to my new servant "altria Pendragon (lancer)". In benefit the craft essence will increase altria np 4% every turn and 10% buster card effectiveness. Since altria (lancer) is very important buster card servant. I was going to put altria (lancer) as a sub member in hoping that her np will increase over time. But till now I haven't seen her and the card in action because of my archer (Gilgamesh) and lancer (Parvati) winning every battle. So any clues is my idea correct or am I wrong.

    User Info: SiennaOptician8

    SiennaOptician8 - 2 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Not usually. Most CEs only have an effect once the servant is active; exceptions to this (such as Ideal Holy King) explicitly mention than they have an effect on sub-members as well. The other exception is of course any CE that increases drops such as EXP, Bond Points, or Materials. So, to explicitly answer your question: no, the NP generation will only start once she hits the field; any turns where she is in the back will not generate any NP.

    User Info: LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy (Expert) - 2 months ago 0   0

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