Can I beat Goetia with my current servants?

  1. I just started a new FGO account about a month and a half ago, and I'm at the 1.5 mil HP Goetia in the Final Singularity. The Servants I have leveled are Dantes (90/92), Musashi Berserker (80/90), Jeanne Archer (80/90), Hokusai Saber (73/80), and Summer BB (71/80). I have Mordred but I don't have EXP mats for her and I'm not sure how useful she'd be in this fight. Is there anything I can do right now? Their bond levels are all around 6 or 7 also.

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  1. Well. The easiest way to beat Goetia is actually to not use your Servants. Pick three sacrificial pawns in your roster (preferably ones that can debuff Goetia's DEF before biting it), and then just have a support bond 10 Herakles waiting in the wings ready to Buster-Brave chain his way to victory. Recommanding Atlas Mystic Code to go with that. As long as you manage to time your Evade/Guts/Invincibility from MC/cooldown reduction right, it should be an easy victory.

    Of course, that can also be a bit unsatisfying. Using your Servants... I'd say the main problem is that Dantes, America!Musashi and Summer BB are AoE Servants, which isn't ideal. Hokusai would be a good candidate, but she's a Knight class, which is a problem given that Goetia does extra damage to them.

    Of your named Servants, I think Dantes might be the safest choice to build a team around (support Skadi and... I don't know, maybe Alexander?) due to Avengers only taking half-damage from Goetia. Lack of defensive options might be a problem though (ironically enough, a support Mash can do wonders in that fight). Frontline should be filled with Servants able to debuff Goetia in order to make your first turns a little easier (or two Servants able to buff Dantes, before you'd switch him safely to the back with Combat Uniform).

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