Hokusair or jalter?

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!!
    From the next banner, which do you think is better, hokusai or jalter?(or any other if you see that it is more useful(like musashi, scathach or da vinci))
    My servants(ssr) are merlin,waver,tamamo no mae caster,gilgamesh,raikou,orion,eresh,abigail and ozymandias(I'm F2P and I have been playing for about a year( I started around february) so my knowledge about fate go is limited and I usually rely on pages and discussions)
    I think that hokusai merlin and tamamo are a good team, but I'm not so sure
    Sorry for my bad english
    Thanks for your help!!!!

    User Info: dancar99

    dancar99 - 3 months ago

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  1. Hokusai is
    *AoE np spammer for arts teams, you got tamano and gil caster that can help, but yoi already have raikou that can pretty much handle any last wave of farming nodes by herself, just level up arash and spartacus for first 2 waves... or another servant from support.
    *Berserker counter, you already got Abby, so you don't need her so much.

    Jalter is
    * mostly neutral damage dealer(rulers are rare) based on criticals and her np damage.
    * her fame as the top single target damage dealer comes from the highest attack stat(with 1.1 mult on top) and her great skills
    * you already have Merlim, one of her best friends as he can help her burst even higher levels of damage, give stars and healing that she lacks.

    As your only single target damage dealer SSR is Ozy(and he's damn good, rider class advantages makes him better than Jalter on Demon Pillars/Caster enemies) and you already got Abby to cover your anti-berserker needs... i would say Jalter

    User Info: KNightmare0

    KNightmare0 - 3 months ago 2   0

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