Is it worth rolling for Abby or Hokusai?

  1. Are they good damage dealers? So far I have Merlin, Gil, and Karna.

    User Info: Near914

    Near914 - 4 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The niche of the Foreigner class is that they are resistant to Berserkers. The usefulness of this is limited, though, since you can just run anything else to kill the Berserkers just as effectively. If you have Merlin and Gil already, then you already have all you need on the damage front against enemy Berserker Servants. They are OK damage dealers for mixed nodes, but you'd be better off using an Avenger or Ruler or even a Lancer (such as Karna who you already have) since they do more neutral damage.

    They aren't bad, but they don't really have a particular use. If you like the character(s), however, feel free to roll since they are certainly usable. Good luck if you do decide to roll!

    User Info: LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy (Expert) - 4 days ago 2   1

Other Answers

  1. Abby has niche value in pre-damage buff removal on np, which can circumvent certain gimmicks, but you can use a friend abby just fine.

    Hokusai is going to be the best option arts has for "dantes looping" for a while, but is essentially worthless without np2, and will later be UTTERLY outclassed by berserker musashi.

    Mechanically not worth the quartz. Roll for waifu if at all.

    User Info: Ikorus13

    Ikorus13 - 22 hours ago 0   0

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