Do I have a good roster?

  1. I have Illya, Chloe, Medea Lily, Jack The Ripper, Euryale, Stheno, Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily, Medusa (lancer) , Mary (rider) , Paul Bunyan and Chacha.

    Is that good? What should I be saving up for?

    User Info: Is_Corrupted

    Is_Corrupted - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. From what I can see (without knowing levels and skill levels) your assassins and lancers look pretty good. You probably could use an AoE offensive caster for mobs. I do however notice that you don't seem to have any sabers listed. You might want to try rolling for Frankenstein (saber) which will be released in a few days. You could always try rolling for Musashi once the Shimosa singularity releases too. As for saving up for other servants once Salem releases it comes with the first Foreigner (resists berserker and deals double damage to them) Abigail Williams will be released, so you might want to save for her.

    User Info: NeptuniaYuriFan

    NeptuniaYuriFan - 6 months ago 1   0
  2. I could use Nursery Rhyme. :) That'd take care of the AoE caster part. I'm not sure about sabers, both Fran and Musashi don't tell me much... I looked into Abigail and I'm definitely saving for her! Thanks!

    User Info: Is_Corrupted

    Is_Corrupted - 6 months ago

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