Who should I Grail for my next SSR?

  1. Factoring in my planned grails for Mecha Liz(putting her at 90) and Summer Jeanne Alter(dedication for level 100), which SSR should I take to 100? Note I know the thumb is “grail for love” and I have 11 grails right now but I like to hear opinions on who to Grail among these SSRs. This is for NA server.

    -Tamamo no Mae(both Caster and Lancer are candidates)
    -Nero Bride
    -Jack the Ripper

    User Info: Linkforce90

    Linkforce90 - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Whichever you like most. I know you said that already, and are trying to figure out which to grail out of who you love most, but none of those will particularly benefit greatly with grails compared to the rest. If forced to rank them though:

    1. Karna
    2. Shark
    3. Bride
    4. Tama
    5. Jack

    User Info: FiendEmperor

    FiendEmperor (Expert) - 3 months ago 1   1
  2. Sorry I try to thumb up. Ignore it please. It's a technical error on my part but I appreciate the answer!

    User Info: Linkforce90

    Linkforce90 - 3 months ago

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