How strong do you guy think Jeanne Alter would be in a regular Holy Grail War, like in an anime?

  1. To be specific, how strong would she be fighting other servants in a normal war, her Dragon Witch skill could affect servants classified as Dragon Kind such as Arturia and Siegfried, and put them under her control?

    Could she defend herself from things like Gae Bolg and how would she reflect it?

    Could she simply throw fire without fully activating her full Noble Phantasm power, or even summon stakes in a similar way to Vlad III and his stakes?

    User Info: Jonathangoop

    Jonathangoop - 5 months ago

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  1. She would be quite strong actually. She originated in the game, so her game stats are her lore stats. Confirmed by her official profile.

    She's created by the Grail, so she's stronger than the average Servant. Having stats >= A for her Strength, Agility, Mana, and NP means she's actually stronger than Artoria in a fight. While her Mana she will practically never run out, her low Endurance and Luck mean she won't be doing marathons or shenanigans like not dying to instant-kills.

    Since her NP at A+ is at a higher ranking than Gae Bolg, she can just simply reflect it as an even stronger attack. She can even convert curse attacks, so any non-EX attack is also reflectable. The flames can be produced at will and since it's dragon flame class, it is easily one of the most powerful flame attacks possible, which she can spam with her Mana. That's on top of getting even stronger the more people die. The spears are more like spear-shaped flames and not actual spears though.

    Dragon Witch is for controlling lesser dragon kinds, not those who just happen to be related to dragons. At best, it improves her Charisma and influence over them.

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  1. Well her NP is capable of redirecting attacks and damage back on the enemy, while also being able to quite literally burn them down to the marrow. She can use her Self Modification to improve her physical capabilities and has a giant supply of mana thanks to her connection to the Holy Grail, the Avenger skill and her Self Replenishment skill so yeah she'd be a real force to be reckoned with in a real HGW, but as always in the Nasuverse, match up is all so it really depends on the other Servants

    User Info: MageOfFlowers

    MageOfFlowers - 5 months ago 0   0
  2. Do you think she could use her flames without the need of being attacked first? Just using the attack like other Noble Phantasms.

    User Info: Jonathangoop

    Jonathangoop - 5 months ago
  3. Quite weak actually. You cannot take the game as a comparison for lore.
    First her stats in the game have no relationship to stats in the lore.
    Dragon Witch could never control Arturia. She has tremendous amount of magical resistance said in the novel that no caster that is from modern era, aka not from the era of gods, can really affect her.
    Whether she could or not summon fire without her NP would be unknown, but if it is not a NP it should not be able to hurt any servant strongly. Pretty much the same is with her stakes.
    Her alter form could never defend against Gae Bolg. In the novel arturia only accomplish it by several factors working at the same time, her magic resistance against curses, her luck stat and the fact that Lancer received a command spell to fight all other servants without killing them. Jalter has no defense like that whatsoever.
    Ruler Jeanne is OP in apocrypha because of her class having command spell over the rest of the servants. There is no reason why Jalter would be OP.

    User Info: marcoeescobar

    marcoeescobar - 4 months ago 1   4

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