How can i restore my account?

  1. I accidentally deleted my app because there was no space.I hadn't binded my account and i don't remember my password

    User Info: Hanthutalinn

    Hanthutalinn - 6 months ago

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  1. Email with the following form, filled out with as much detail as possible, for the best chances of getting your account back.

    Alternatively, you can also email the same address saying you would like to recover your account, and you should get the below form or something similar sent back to you to fill in.

    Do you remember your old account ID? [Friend Code] (9 digits)
    Do you remember the transfer code?
    What was your Master's name?
    What Birth Date was set? [Put 'None' if you didn't set one.]
    What Device did you play on? (Please provide the Device manufacturer & model) [i.e. iPhone 6 by Apple]
    When did you first download the game? (Date & time) [Estimate is okay]
    When did you last access the old account? (Date & time) [Estimate is okay]
    Which Servants did you possess? (please name at least 3 Servants) [I recommend adding Levels/Ascension/Skills if you remember them.]
    Who was registered as your Favourite Servant?
    Which Servants were in your main party (deck composition)? [Do either your most recently used party or the one you use most often.]
    What was your Master's gender?
    What was your Master's level?
    Did you purchase Saint Quartz? (If not, just say "I did not purchase Saint Quartz")

    User Info: FiendEmperor

    FiendEmperor (Expert) - 6 months ago 2   0


  1. Send an email to and explain your situation.

    They'll likely ask you questions about your account.

    User Info: Super_Archer

    Super_Archer - 6 months ago 0   0

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