Lost my transfer code. How to get account back?

  1. I usually switch between my phones to play FGO such I always change Transfer Codes. I was being careless and accidentally deleted the code whilst transferring. Anyway to get it back?

    User Info: o2_Insanity

    o2_Insanity - 3 years ago


  1. Contact DW about your case. If you've ever spent any money on the game and thus have a receipt on hand, that's practically a ticket to instant account recovery. Otherwise, you'll have to provide as many details about your account as you can recall such as master birthday, master gender, master level, Servants, etc.

    There's no way to recover or reuse transfer codes, so you have to be especially careful when you transfer your account. Luckily, DW is pretty good at retrieving accounts.

    User Info: Kneekicker

    Kneekicker - 3 years ago 4   5

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