Jeanne / Rerolling is over ?

  1. Soooooo I started playing a couple of days ago basically because I'm watching the new Apocrypha anime and I liked Jeanne a lot!
    After little investigation I realized getting her in the game was a pretty hard task, basically because rerolling is not working anymore..

    Does anyone knows some fast way I could get her ?
    P.s if someone has an spare account with Jeanne that they don't use anymore and feel like giving it away I would be very thankful !

    User Info: Kakits

    Kakits - 2 years ago

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  1. Right now, you have more or less a 0.2% chance (1% chance divided by 5 Servants) to get her from the Story banner. If you really want a Jeanne, the best reroll you can hope for right now, is to roll one card per reinstall (maybe you also have to progress a little into the story to get some Quartz). Which is terribly slow.

    Note that unless she gets a rate up, her chances will steadily worsen as more SSR Servants get added and start sharing that 1% chance with her.

    Try searching the boards for a Jeanne account. Maybe is also worth looking into the Android board for account trading, though you lose all Saint Quartz when transfering from Android to iOS and viceversa - however, for new accounts, is not a big issue since they probably have little Quartz to begin with.

    User Info: NE_OC

    NE_OC - 2 years ago 2   0


  1. This is pure luck we are talking about here. I got her from story gacha and that is the only way to get her (thankfully) if her rate up isn't happening.

    Too bad I don't do re-roll anymore, hope you get her in the future.

    User Info: CPUsEveHeart

    CPUsEveHeart - 2 years ago 0   0

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