I need the best team out of my characters to fight the new UI goku event. Please help?(Character box included)

  1. Hi everyone!
    I need help, I really need someone to tell me what characters i need to put in a team so i can beat the new Ultra Instinct goku event?.
    This is my current character box:

    TEQ Majin vegeta (non dokkan)
    F2P INT Ssj kale
    TEQ ssj3 vegeta (non dokkan)
    TEQ ssj3 goku (non dokkan)
    INT Dokkan awakened janemba
    INT Golden frieza (non dokkan)
    INT Kid buu (non dokkan)
    STR Vegito (non dokkan)
    TEQ Vegito blue(non dokkan)
    PHY Kefla (dokkan awakened)
    Agl KKx10 ssjb Goku (Dokkan awakened)
    AGL Super Vegito (non dokkan)
    TEQ ssj4 Gogeta (non dokkan)
    INT Blue vegeta (Dokkan awakened 1 dupe)
    INT UI goku (non dokkan 6 SA)
    STR Rose goku black (non dokkan)
    AGL Rose goku black (non dokkan)
    AGL Caulifla
    By non dokkan i mean non dokkan awakened :P

    User Info: Kuzota

    Kuzota - 1 year ago

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