When can I start doing strikes and dokkan events?

  1. I started the game about 4 weeks ago and I'm a level 47. I don't if it's because I have a bad team but can't complete any events. When can I start doing them. (Also I'm trying not to put any money into the game)

    User Info: spy_god

    spy_god - 4 months ago

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  1. You're probably already doing Strike and Dokkan events at this point (4 weeks later from your question) but start by using your strongest team or building your strongest mono-type team. Then use that team to defeat the type it is strong against and work your way up. You should be able to start Strike Events now to earn cards that will help you in the early start of your game. Eventually, once you level up you'll be able to take on the Dokkan events.

    Generally, the Strike and Dokkan Events are listed with the newest (hardest) at the top and the oldest (weakest) at the bottom. So start at the bottom and work your way up!

    User Info: Ozarkk

    Ozarkk - 3 months ago 1 0

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