Does anyone know of a working cheat tool or can help hack? Dragon Stones needed!

  1. I just recently got in to the game, and i love it. Earlier i was looking around for a cheat tool, but it seems they are all fake or require a survey. Can someone help me with an actual cheat tool or is able to hack for me? Would really appreciate it.

    User Info: The_Kid06

    The_Kid06 - 3 years ago


  1. Play fair . Learn not to cheat weakling , there is no way you can hack ds coz they are saved on server side , you cant meddle with a data that is currently running live DIRECT from the server , your information on ds and cards are stored there whereelse the damage hack is possible because its from your own phone , you can actually off your internet while fighting a scene and on it back when it ends getting info and saved .

    User Info: yagam1234

    yagam1234 - 3 years ago 7   9

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