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Reviewed: 08/23/16 | Updated: 05/25/17

Game turned into FULL BLOWN PAY TO WIN, save yourself money and avoid it!

I wrote a gushy 10/10 review a few months ago, everything was great, till the game hit garbage time (everyone is at max level, so everyone just copies teams and no originally is seen) and started adding broken feature, upon broken feature.

Soul Hunters is an auto battle player vs player RPG and a "hit the special button" on single player... seems basic, right? One ultimate feature is this game is COMPLETELY FREE if you choose to be a cheapo...? The game is now a year old, and the amount of heroes are at about 80, with 3 or so getting added every month!

However, the fun stops at it's free price tag. If you aren't a spender (and I'm talking full mortgage payments) you aren't going to last. Since I wrote the two above paragraphs, the game has been releasing extreme overpowered hunters to make literally, all the 80+ I JUST mentioned, near useless.

These new hunters (which usually cost over 100$ to get, some tryhards dropped 10g's+, dead serious) usually have extremely high offensive AND defensive stats, that do the work as entire mid/back line formations AT 3 stars (compared to 7 stars).

This indirectly makes the game unenjoyble for those who didn't get suckered into paying boco bucks to get an avatar frame. See, they have a certain challenges, where you pretty much need an 80$ Ezio (from Assassin's Creed Cash in Franchise) to beat it on it's hardest setting... and another challenge where they had to adjust the power of the enemy because the game kept adding in mega offense AND defensive hunters... yup you guessed it, if you were doing the 8th challenge without them, go back to 5th challenge or fork over hundreds of dollars to stay at the top.

This also slides into the guild system, stinking up that area. Basically, you'll be on a server, and there will be 1 or 2 tryhard spender guilds who will never be de-throned... Why? These cowards flock together and the people they left just quit. See, you can hire your own guild's hunters for a small price... My guild doesn't have a single person spending mad money to get those 1 of 3 ultra strong heroes... Each make the Raid mode or Hall of Legend's high score almost impossible to reach... You do like 1-2 million on average, slap in those over powered heroes? Bam, you can double that easy... now factor in the entire guild can hire that person? Are you seeing the problem? If you aren't in a spender guild or spend serious money, you aren't hitting top... and it's not even close.

I mean, the game still looks greats and features MANY heroes, it's just silly that you are handicapping yourself at this point if you try anything unique. As this game requires no skill, basically needing to use only
a select few is defeating the purpose of the game... not to mention immersion breaking... why is the silly looking squid-man with the inner tube around his waist stronger than the giant orc? Why is the pint sized bull at low stars stronger than my team of 4 maxed out mages?

Getting stronger in this game is much more complex than most triple A games, where you just hit an EXP point, and the stats upgrade themselves. In this game, you have your exp level, your equip level, your skill level, your enchant level, and your "star" level. Equips work differently in this game than most, you usually need to equip 6 items, then you "fuse" to the next level, all equips are 1-time use, so again, it puts a premium on actual development, choice... you know, the Role part of the RPG?

My favorite part of the game is the Arms Race factor... signing in, hitting your "cap" and hoping the choices
you made keep you on top... Sadly, the game is in garbage time, and there is no more Role of the RPG.

You may be thinking "But it's an RPG, there is going to be a grind." Not if you are good, if you "3 star" most levels, you can use "raid tickets" to instantly complete said stages. So fighting the same boring enemy for a 1/256 rare drop is NOT in this game.

"While many people consider this a "pay to win" game, it's not entirely true. I made it to 91 first on my server as a free player, as well as breaking a few records, and getting 1st place in the arena. Took skill, all the more reason this game didn't feel empty."

That last paragraph is unchanged from my previous review, but need to add, this game is in garbage time, which means everyone has everyone maxed, and takes very little effort at this point to optimize your hunters (So no "race" exists any more). Also, YOU CAN NO LONGER have a fair fight VS big spenders in this game. In fact, now your maxed out team can and will fall victim to 1000$ teams 5 levels below you.

Another big flaw is the "luck" factor... there are a few hunters that have crazy specials with insane dodge or crit rating, so basically, there would be a team, I'd steamroll them (not losing a single hunter), then I'd fight the same team again and the opposite would happen.

The last big flaw is it's energy management, in which the game still gives out MORE energy for taking damage, opposed to DOING damage, which means that if a weak team fights the same exact team, only stronger, the weaker team usually wins. You may not think this is an issue, but when you are maxed out, and you can't be $1000+ teams or significantly weaker teams, there is a problem with the game.

Well, that's it. I needed to update this review... once a fun and exciting game, turned into a full blown pay to win game... they even sell alternate costumes for 30$!!!!? Literally the update after my original review got posted started this decline in quality, and I had to change it... and it's fair game, because Lilith DOES hold special in-game bonus if the community "Up Votes" Soul Hunters in the App Store... dead serious. I don't think 2/10 is harsh... the game realistic anymore... pay thousands or fail? Guys, remember, this is an auto battle RPG...

Rating: 2

Product Release: Soul Hunters (US, 06/24/15)

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