How do I beat Death Claws?

  1. The rusty fat man do not work, do anyone know why?

    User Info: Kenkyma

    Kenkyma - 4 years ago


  1. It's not about having one high-powered weapon. It's about having multiple high-level, high-stat dwellers each with high-powered weapons. I have 2 guards in the vault door, 2 guards in a storage room, and then 6 dwellers in an adjoining room. All are max level, and every one has a weapon that averages above 20 damage.

    Even with all that, I still lose dwellers if I don't heal them up fast enough.

    I've said in other threads on the board that I think Deathclaws are frustrating and that they make the game less fun, but they're definitely survivable with some preparation. Check other threads on the board for some other strategies folks have come up with.

    And good luck!

    User Info: mfenig

    mfenig - 4 years ago 1   0
  2. Mostly it depends on the number of deathclaws, because i just beat 3 deathclaws with NO casualties or deaths (first deathclaw attack for me at 62 population)and that it depends whether you assign weapons at different rooms or give 2 or 3 people(with high endurance) the best weapons with the best firepower (like a minigun or laser rifle) to chase and exterminate the deathclaws when they change rooms.

    User Info: SolidProPlayer

    SolidProPlayer - 4 years ago 1   0
  3. Get your highest level people on the upper floors. i prefer to put a power generator on the top floor plus another room like that or something like a strength room would be good. it's really about having high level people with good weapons. also, having a radio room really does attract them so if you have that and they keep coming, ditch it and make dwellers the old fashioned way. i found once i got rid of the radio room, they came less and less, though now the big problem is the freakin molerats.

    User Info: bkrugby

    bkrugby - 4 years ago 1   0
  4. Okay, you're all overthinking this. I got my first attack recently, my people are on average level 12 with a few lvl 30s, my explorers. My average weapon strength is about 7 dmg with a few great guns, but nothing special. So long as you have stimpaks it should be easy. Have 2 guards with high strength in the vault entrance. Have 2-3 male guards in the next, with super high endurance, which will give them more health. My layout has the living spaces there so not much resources are lost. Next room put a bunch of females, if it's living quarters you don't want it cogender because then they'll have babies and all the preggoes will run out. Have your strong guards just follow the death claws around, with all 6-8 of your guards tailing as well and going into the next room the DCs will visit. About 10-15 stimpaks should be fine for the first attack, and if you pay attention you should not lose a single dweller. You don't need all this great dwellers and guns. Just be active and don't get lazy. Pause all work during the attacks. The one problem might be loss of resources but a few good rushes will handle that.

    User Info: jinkos2

    jinkos2 - 3 years ago 1   0
  5. I have 110 dewlers, today I finally managed to "trap" the deathclaws in the 1st room. I have a Merged Residence(6/6) as the 1st rooms after the entrance with 6 "guards" equiped with all the top weapons I have. They kill 1 and half in the 1st time and the others when they move to the next room and come back :)
    weapons equipped:
    Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle 10-14
    Rusty Laser Rifle 12
    Charons's Shotgun 13-18
    Accelerated Gauss Rifle 16-20
    Hardened Fat MAn 22-25

    You can also get 2 guys in the entrance with 2 weapons just to low their health a bit.

    User Info: pradinhos

    pradinhos - 4 years ago 0   0
  6. Heaviest weapons at entrance to vault & other rooms on the first floor.

    Also make sure all the people on the first floor have high endurance, so they won't get killed.

    Having your radio room in use also raises the chances of a Deathclaw attack. So if you can't handle one, hold off on using the radio room.

    User Info: tony8669

    tony8669 - 4 years ago 0   1

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