What is the best strategy for augmenting gear?

  1. Ohk, I have a Lilith +5 lv.43. i want to reforge her really badly!! But... augmenting her is leaving my virtual wallet starving! Is there a way to effectively augment gear without having to spend half the coins you worked so hard for?

    User Info: Junketsu

    Junketsu - 3 years ago


  1. You'll always need Gold to Augment; that can't be avoided. You can make better use of the Gold by Augmenting using only good materials, such as those you can obtain from Augment Quests. Gear such as Silver Mail and Helm, Golden Mail and Helm, EXP Limimin -- anything which has (EXP.) in the top left corner of its thumbnail picture -- will better level up your gear.
    You will pay the same amount of gold using one random material for Augmentation as you spend using one of these "good" materials. So it's better if you wait until you have fitting materials.
    Also, depending upon what you are Augmenting, ideally you can increase the experience gained by using a material of the same category (Augment your Monsters using EXP Limimin, your headgear using Golden Helm, and so on).

    If you need more Gold, the best way to earn it is by embarking on Super Gold Quests which are available twice on Saturdays and twice on Sundays. The materials earned should be sold.

    User Info: vanillabeanRU

    vanillabeanRU - 3 years ago 0   0

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