I'm having +1 gear problems, can anyone help?

  1. The background behind the question:
    Ohk, let me make this straight. I'm not talking about the skill level nor am I talking about the level of the gear. As of November 4, 2015, if you press the "Gear" button then goto "List/Sell" you will get a full list of all gear/monsters you have. If you press and hold on any item, a new screen labelled "Gear Details" will pop-up. On this screen it gives you the gear's description, skils, name, etc. I noticed my Lilith has a +5 by her name. I understand boosting a +2 (or whatever number) to a higher number but how do you augment +1 gear SPECIFICALLY. I know you can get it randomly from quest and FP spawn but when I was augementing a Firewolf, I realized it had gained a +1 after augementation.

    My question:
    -What are the requirements for augmenting +1 gear?
    -If I reforge a monster with +5 (or whatever number) will the +# disappear?

    P.S. I'm playing on the android (if that information is even important)

    User Info: Junketsu

    Junketsu - 3 years ago


  1. Sorry, this is such an old question! Perhaps you've got this by now, but in case not and for anyone else:
    You can add a + value to your gear by Augmenting with materials which themselves have a + value. These materials can be obtained from anywhere you can get gear from, although there are now Augment materials which exist specifically for the purpose of adding + values to gear, which can be obtained from Spawns and Quests of certain events.

    When you reforge your gear, the + value remains intact, so don't worry about that!

    In case this wasn't clear to anyone, a + value is just an addition of 5 points to a specific stat. You can see which stat it applies to if you go to Gear, List/Sell, and press and hold on the gear which has a + value, which brings up the Gear Details page. Where it shows the stats of the Gear piece, it will also say +0 or +(whatever number). If you wait, it will show in green how many points in total have been added by + values.

    User Info: vanillabeanRU

    vanillabeanRU - 3 years ago 0   0

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