How do I unlock previously released creatures?

  1. I stopped playing the game 1 year ago. Then I got hooked again recently and was marveled by all the new dinos and aquatic and cenozoic creatures there are. I was really looking forward to unlocking them but I can't find any way to. All of them say: "unlock via special event". Do I unlock them only by packs or do I have to wait for an event to come out for every single one of them? This is all very confusing and any type of help is sincerely appreciated. nayo77 - 4 years ago - report


  1. For me it was really simular situation, only i wasn't playing for like half a year. To unlock aquatic creatures you have to wait for event to happen for every single one of it, same for cenozoic. You shouldn't BUY packs, because 1) it's very expensive 2) you won't unlock the creature, you just gonna get 1. I hope i helped
    P. S. Sorry for my bad english, i come from Latvia (Europe)
    Arthur041104 - 4 years ago - report 0   0
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