Which card packs allow me to unlock dinosaurs?

  1. I know most card packs give me one dinosaur, but which ones allow me to buy the dinosaurs. I know battle stages do, but what about tournament dinosaurs and vip dinosaurs. Right now, I want to get the vip and pterodactylus bundle, and i was curious if I could buy the pterodactylus after. This is a reacurring problem for me. TheRoachKing - 5 years ago - report


  1. Certain tournament dinosaurs are unable to be purchased. Every now and then, if you're a part of the VIP program, they will offer certain dinosaurs (like the pterodactylus) to be bought with a certain amount of VIP points that are collected by ding various things (opening packs, beating battles, trading, etc). Other than that, unless you can get your way up in the tournaments to the top 1% or by getting lucky during the spin wheel and landing on that particular dinosaur, certain ones are unable to be purchased. Usually the develops will eventually add those tournament dinosaurs into the Legendary packs to possibly receive, but that's about it - and they don't always offer every dinosaur.

    I hope this answers your question.
    Nissanv10 - 4 years ago - report 0   0
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