Do you guys want tons of dna, food, coins, bucks, and VIP access?

  1. Hey forums, today I am promoting my hacking service with jurassic world. With all the VIP stuff going on, I thought it was a prime time to start up my business again. I will be willing to hack your game (FIRST), for only a small amount of money.

    The only requirement is that you are connected to facebook so I can connect to your park using my device. You can change the password after, make an entirely fake facebook, or anything to that sort.

    Contact me here:
    Kik: Thebaseballkid1313
    Skype: sportykid2000
    higuy123 - 5 years ago - report
  2. Hi,

    What can you apply to the account and what the cost ?
    m-whitmore10 - 4 years ago - report


  1. I also have a reddit post where I explain in more detail. I have 2 current vouchers for this, and a mod on reddit has deemed that my hacking service is legitimate and I can actually do it! higuy123 - 5 years ago - report 0   0
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