How do I get past normal card to legendry card?

  1. Hi there people basiclly just started playing wwe immortals, right im playing online i meet somebody who has exact same cards as me roman reigns, paige & sheamus all bronze cards same level everything but they where all on level 23 as mine but had more health & power i even unlocked the 10% health & power stuff but where it says rank mine says normal & theres was legendry 2 or 3?? I do not know how to rank up my cards to make it a legendry from normal!! Can anybody please tell me step by step on how to do this please it be much much appreciated thanks

    User Info: MrLovrman

    MrLovrman - 4 years ago


  1. If you have extra copies of the card, go to the characters scrfeen and you can add it to them making them a legendary rank.. You can go up to VII.

    User Info: EWB-guy

    EWB-guy - 4 years ago 0   0

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